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March 27, 2004

Craig Parry


Q. Quite a round.

CRAIG PARRY: It was an amazing round. Got out there and bogeyed the first, 4 and 5 -- sorry, 4 for birdie, and missed a short one there.

Birdied 5, 6 and missed another one on 7, another short one on 8.

On the back nine I got going. Hit a great shot on 10 to about 6 feet.

Hit a 2-iron for about 3 foot or 4 foot on 11.

I got lucky in the trees on No. 12. I hit it right off the trees, sliced a sand iron and made par there.

Made birdie at the next, bogey at the next.

16, I made an eagle.

17 was a difficult -- the wind was coming out of the right. I hit an 8-iron, always nice to see that.

On 18 I hit a cut drive into the right-hand side and hit 5-iron in and gave it a pretty good roll.

Q. The 6-iron at Doral, did that go in the hole?

CRAIG PARRY: No. It was a different position because the wind was coming at me out of the right. I just had to hit a good shot and aim at the middle of the green, and that's where the 5-iron went. It's my cut shot, and with the wind out of the right it goes pretty straight.

Q. A 64 around here was great.

CRAIG PARRY: It was my lowest round here by maybe one or two shots. Normally I have low rounds here in the first round or second round. When you play in the morning conditions, the greens are a bit more receptive. Normally I don't have it in the third round. We were off early and the golf course was giving away birdie chances. If you hit the ball well, that's what was happening today, and the greens were perfect. You get comfortable on the greens.

Q. It's early in the day, but do you think you might have a chance to go low tomorrow and win this thing?

CRAIG PARRY: There's so many good players up there. I think 11- or 12-under is going to be in the lead. Someone could go out and shoot a low round like I have and really jump up there. It's hard to do it two days in a row. I've given myself a chance. Yesterday when I bogeyed the 9th hole, I didn't have a chance at all, and now I've got a chance tomorrow. Wait and see what happens. I'm playing well. As long as I hit my driver straight I'll be happy.

Q. Did you hit it straight off the tee? Everybody says that's pretty much the key.

CRAIG PARRY: Not really. I probably hit a couple that were more than wayward and got lucky. The first hole I hit it past the rough and it was on the pine needles. I hit a few good drives. That's the club that's letting me down at the moment.

Q. The club on 16?

CRAIG PARRY: 16, I hit a 6-iron. I hit a good drive there.

Q. How much are you still riding the high of your recent success?

CRAIG PARRY: There's no question about that. I've got a lot more confidence in playing. I'm going out there to play well, rather than just be part of the Tour. I feel as though the way I'm playing at the moment I can win any event I'm playing in. You just have to set it up the first two rounds, rather than being 2-over par. It's not real good golf. I've given myself a chance.

Q. Saying that, how did you feel coming out this morning?

CRAIG PARRY: I felt as though I played all right yesterday, but my driver really let me down there yesterday. I didn't hit too many fairways yesterday. I didn't hit a fairway on the front nine -- sorry, the back nine on the first day. And I was able to shoot 2-over par for the day. So that was pretty good golf, scrambling wise. That's what I've been doing. But today it was a little bit better, because I was hitting a few more fairways, allowing me to hit to the green.

Q. Did you think 1-over was going to be the cut?

CRAIG PARRY: I thought when I bogeyed the 9th hole that was going to miss. I'm in bonus situation, playing today.

Q. Did you play with Stadler today?

CRAIG PARRY: Stadler is always great fun to play with. I've known him ever since I've been on Tour. We talk about a lot.

Q. (Inaudible).

CRAIG PARRY: I wasn't paying any attention to the course records and things like that. I was just trying to play the golf course, and that's what I played really well today. I wasn't trying to get too far ahead of myself. And two eagles in one round, it's amazing. I normally have two eagles in a year, and I think I've had three already.

Q. (Inaudible).

CRAIG PARRY: I felt pretty good just playing in general today. I played -- Stadler and I play sort of at the same pace. Once you get the yardage, you grab your club and hit it. There's not too much time wasted in trying to pick a club. You get your yardage and go.

Q. Same pace or the same height?

CRAIG PARRY: Same height, weight. No, we have a lot of fun.

End of FastScripts.

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