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September 9, 2010

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: The greens were pretty slow, and I just had a hard time adjusting.

Q. You hit it pretty good on the range and then the first swing obviously in the right rough to give you a tough shot into that green. Was it that, or was it not getting up-and-down and taking the bogey?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's more the getting up-and-down. I didn't want to hit 3-wood there, I wanted to hit 5-wood, and I thought maybe get it down a little bit further, and I was a little uncomfortable with the tee shot and obviously flared a 3-wood. That was a bad commitment on my part.
And from there I compounded the problem by not getting the bunker shot on the green.

Q. How tough is it going to be to make the TOUR Championship?
TIGER WOODS: Well, got to keep plodding along. Right now -- as of right now I'm only five shots back out of that spot. That's not bad. Guys aren't going low at this place because the greens aren't good enough to go low. Obviously there's a couple players that have played well today, but overall the guys just aren't tearing the place apart.

Q. Putting obviously seems to be difficult.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I had a hard time getting the speed. I had a hard time hitting the putts hard enough, I really did. I putt a lot on memory, obviously, and it's hard to make myself hit the putts this hard when I know how they used to putt.

Q. You hit one on 5, I think --
TIGER WOODS: I made sure I got it there.

Q. It went over?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, exactly.

Q. And on 9?
TIGER WOODS: I blocked it, just blocked it.

Q. Talk about your approach into 10 and the second shot at 13.
TIGER WOODS: 10 was -- I had an opening to the left edge of the green, and the only hard part was the wind was coming off the right, and that means I had to cut a 9-iron. I didn't know if I could cut it off that lie, but it did. It came out clean, and it cut, and I ended up pin high, made the putt.
The one on 13, that was a pretty good one right there. I had 202 hole and hit an 8-iron up there pin high, and I was just trying to land the ball on the front part of the green. It was 174, I believe, to the front, slightly flier lie, skipped the ball up in the air and landed on the front and rolled back there.

Q. Where are you with your swing?
TIGER WOODS: It's the same. A lot of times -- well, today probably a handful of times I got caught in between the two takeaways of my old swing and the new swing, and I hit some bad shots. When I get into funky lies, I still have to make the commitment to the new swing. I play a little bit more by feel than hands, but still, I've still got to make a commitment to what I'm doing.

Q. Will this be the most consistent thing you achieve working through this --
TIGER WOODS: Well, I just started at the PGA, and I think I've done a pretty good job of implementing it and meanwhile playing in some big events. It's not easy, it's hard, a lot of work on the range, a lot of work in the room, just trying to make sure I understand it and understand the fixes. I was able to do that today, but unfortunately I got caught in between some of my old takeaways, and as a result I hit some bad shots.

Q. On 9 that was obviously pretty disappointing because if you make a birdie there you kind of get a little bit of momentum there, a couple holes you can make birdies on coming up. You wanted 3-iron, you wanted 5-wood?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the wind died down just enough where I had 240 front, and I didn't know if I could clear it. If it would have stayed downwind I can get a 3-iron to land on the front and roll back there, but I just couldn't. If I miss in the front bunker, that's a tough shot, so Stevie and I -- I asked if I had room behind the green, if it was an easier pitch, and he said, yeah, it's not that bad back there; you've got six steps over the flag. So I hit a really sweet shot and unfortunately didn't get up-and-down.

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