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February 24, 2005

Craig Parry


CRAIG PARRY: The greens were very difficult to putt on today. You knew that was going to be the case the whole time, considering how much rain they had.

Q. Did you have the footprints, too?

CRAIG PARRY: No, it was pretty good out there. The greens were soft. They were a little bit bumpy, but there weren't too many footprints.

Q. Any hole that was crucial in your round?

CRAIG PARRY: No. 15. I actually hit the sprinkler right next to the green and it kicked over the green and put us back to all square.

I had a good shot into 16 and I didn't even have to putt.

On 17 made bogey.

On 18 I pulled it in the rough and had a 7‑iron out of the rough, thick stuff, to 80 yards and hit 5‑iron into the green. It was a tough day out there today. Scoring‑wise it was pretty good. As soon as you hit it in the rough, you don't have much of a shot.

Q. Did you have any strange lies other than the sprinkler?

CRAIG PARRY: Other than that, no.

Q. It was playable?

CRAIG PARRY: Yeah, today it was playable. I was surprised we were actually able to get out, as much rain as we had. It was a river; the whole golf course was under water.

Q. Did you hit a lot of fairways?

CRAIG PARRY: I think I missed one on the front nine, and I missed it in the first cut on No. 10.

Q. That's pretty big.

CRAIG PARRY: Yeah. One I had a shot and the other one I didn't.

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