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September 7, 2010

Charley Hoffman


JOHN BUSH: We'll get started. We'd like to welcome Charley Hoffman into the interview room here at the BMW Championship. Fresh off of that final round 62 yesterday, Charley, to win the Deutsche Bank Championship. Phenomenal playing. Just look back on yesterday for us first of all.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's still sort of sinking in. I mean, it was pretty special day, probably the best round of golf I've ever played, and especially in the situation of final round pressure in the Playoffs. It was fun, just got off to a good start and just kept the ball rolling all day long, and ended up finishing with 62.
JOHN BUSH: You moved up to No. 2 in the FedExCup points list, and you will be making your fifth start here at the BMW Championship with a couple of top 25s. Just talk a little bit about your goals this week.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Goals have changed. Starting out in the FedExCup it was pretty much just trying to advance week to week, and now all of a sudden I'm right in contention for that $10 million bonus, so I'm going to go out there and try to play good, play hard and give myself a chance to win again.

Q. You've got a lot to play for this week and next. Is there any disappointment in not being picked by Corey?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No disappointment. Really, the Ryder Cup I had all year to play my way on the team, and when you leave it up to the captain's pick, you can't be disappointed because you had your chance to earn your spot. If I was maybe 9 or 10 like Anthony Kim or something like that, I might be disappointed, but I wasn't really even on the radar.
No, I mean, so obviously I would have been honored to be picked, but no disappointment there at all.

Q. You're probably biased in this, but does it seem like there's more excitement this year in the FedExCup Playoffs than the previous year, maybe from fans or media or among players?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: For me there's much more excitement this year (laughing). No, I think last year was pretty cool. Heath came out of nowhere last year and won, had a good run. I guess Kuchar played great all year, obviously won that first event, and that wasn't unexpected at all. And I think my win was a little unexpected to vault up, and I think that's sort of what the TOUR wanted with this playoff system, to have a little volatility and guys moving around and give everybody a chance to win that FedExCup.

Q. Also just seems like with Tiger, he's had to play well to make the cuts week after week. I think a lot of --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Now he knows how we feel. (Laughter.)

Q. Have you as players also looked at where he stands and sort of wondered if he's going to make it from week to week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Oh, yeah. Going into the PGA you're wondering if he was even going to qualify for the FedExCup, the first event. Obviously you always want Tiger to play well. It's great for the game and brings people out to the course. Obviously you want to beat him, but you want him to play well, too, for our sport, because he definitely brings media, people, fans out here and does a great job promoting the game of golf.

Q. You had a couple or three top 10 finishes this year before last weekend. Do you sort of view this as sort of a breakout year for yourself, and when did things really start coming together?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, at the beginning of the year it was a bad year. I usually get off to a pretty good start on the West Coast being from San Diego, and I battled a wrist injury early in the year, tried to play through it, and then had to take five weeks off during Florida, didn't play at all, didn't touch a club. And then just got recovered from my wrist injury, and it's been pretty good since then. Obviously right when I came back actually I played pretty good at THE PLAYERS and the week before THE PLAYERS, I forget where that was at, and I happened to have bad Sundays those weeks, and it was nice to get all three rounds and close it with a good Sunday. It's always a good feeling.

Q. Are you less likely to practice much with this crazy wind or do less of a practice round or anything like that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, probably not going to do much today. The wind makes that an easy situation. I usually take Mondays pretty easy, hit a few putts and chips. I'm sure I'll do that. Definitely not going to hit too many balls with this wind this afternoon. I guess I'd consider -- even though it's Tuesday I consider this my Monday because we obviously played until Monday and need a little time off. Obviously pretty draining yesterday going all the way to the finish.

Q. I think you've played this course three times, three tournaments before. Do you like it? Does it suit your game?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously it's a brand new golf course. Last year was the first time anybody looked at it. Unfortunately I didn't play very well here last year. Last year I was actually in the top 30 trying to get into the TOUR Championship and fell out, which was a bummer. So hopefully come back this year and play well.
It's a tough golf course. The design now is a lot different than it was before. The old Cog Hill is sort of the new Cog Hill; I sort of compare it to Torrey Pines. I grew up playing Torrey Pines a ton, and Rees Jones went in there and totally redid it and you can't even notice the golf course besides where the land lays. But hopefully I get going hot again and play good.
JOHN BUSH: Charley, thanks for coming by. Play well this week.

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