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March 5, 2005

Craig Parry


CRAIG PARRY: It was good fun. I always enjoy playing with Tiger, I always have.

Q. Do you mind the huge galleries?

CRAIG PARRY: For sure. I 3-putted the first and 3-putted the third. My only bogey of the week is the 3-putt at the third. I played pretty good other than that the whole time. You know, playing in front of galleries is what it's all about. You hit a good shot and they applaud. They were all great out there today.

Q. Do you just accept the fact that you have to plot your way around and play a different game?

CRAIG PARRY: I have to. I can't think that I'm going to play any other way out on this golf course. So far, it's paid off. I'm not out of it yet.

Q. Still have a chance the way they are playing?

CRAIG PARRY: Well, they are playing together.

One-on-one, anything can happen. You know, I know Tiger is playing very well. I've always classed him as the best player in the world because he hits so many good shots.

Q. And how are you playing?

CRAIG PARRY: I'm playing nicely. I'm not happy with the way I'm driving it. I'd like to improve my driving. I'll hit a few shots on the range later on.

Q. Give us an example of the club distance between the two of you?

CRAIG PARRY: 16. He hits driver on the green and I hit 3-wood up the fairway and then hit sand iron up on to the green. We both make birdie, but that's what I have to do. That's what I have to do and he does it a little bit different.

Q. When you saw him take out the driver, did you think he could get home there?

CRAIG PARRY: To be honest, I wasn't worried what he could do. You can't, you've just got to play your own game.

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