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September 3, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. Let's start with the beginning of the day. How many alarms did you set this morning?
JIM FURYK: I set two, wake-up call and my phone. As I was saying earlier, my wife asked me if she wanted me to have her call in the morning, and she did so, as well, so I guess I had three.
You know what happened, though, last night, I was really bummed, right about kickoff time of the football game the power went off at my hotel for an hour, and I'm staring at my phone thinking -- and it was out for about an hour, and she called, and I'm thinking, do I need to save some battery? I can't get a wake-up call and my phone is not working, so I was going to sleep, and I opened the drapes because if it didn't come back on at least I'd see the sunlight. Eventually an hour later it came back on and I got to see some football.

Q. Tell me about your round.
JIM FURYK: I played really well, actually one of my better ball-striking rounds of the year. I was in control of the ball real well. I worked pretty hard last week and played a bunch and felt really comfortable with my ball-striking. I warmed up terribly this morning but went out on the golf course and got in a good rhythm early and was able to hit a bunch of shots. I was a little sketchy with the putter at times, but I also made some good putts, as well, and got in at 5-under.

Q. And I saw you left the long putter in the bag.
JIM FURYK: I knew I was going to go with it unless something funky happened. I knew. I think I've still got some particulars to work out. I was staring down the line today at times and missing the line a little bit, and usually heading to the right. But I had a couple misreads, as well, out there. But overall, I did, my speed was very good. I was a little nervous about some of the longer putts and I was able to knock it up there close and get some good two-putts.
I wish from ten feet and in, I wish I had putted a touch better today. But it's a learning curve. It's the first day of the tournament, and I'll get some experience with it.

Q. And as you're walking into the scoring trailer the horn goes off, so now you're good to go.
JIM FURYK: Yeah, my regards to the guys still stuck out there and the guys that haven't teed off, but it's nice. We got some great conditions. Scores were really low this morning. No matter what happens I feel like I was at least on a pretty good end of the stick out there.

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