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September 3, 2010

Matt Jones


Q. You know where you sit on the FedExCup Playoffs list, so you know you're No. 70 on the bubble. Did that give you a couple extra butterflies today?
MATT JONES: No, if I don't play well I have next week off and then I get married. I'm fine. It's been a long year, so if I play well this week, get into next week, then I have a chance at the TOUR Championship.

Q. Which is going to give you more butterflies, getting into next week and maybe a shot at the TOUR Championship, or standing up there and saying "I do"?
MATT JONES: I would say TOUR Championship. I'm not nervous about the wedding at all.

Q. Tell me about this golf course. You got to play this morning with no wind whatever. Were you able to attack some holes that you didn't think you might be able to during the practice round?
MATT JONES: Yeah, they had the tees up on some holes, too, which makes it a little more accessible. I guess they're taking precaution with the conditions. No. 8 was up, hit 6-iron into that par-3, and then we could hit 3-wood into one of the other par-4s. I think the course is set up well. If you hit it well, you can score well, but if you miss a fairway, the greens are pretty firm, and it's going to be tough to get it on the green.

Q. What part of your game are you happiest with going into the second round?
MATT JONES: Putting. Everything else needs some work. Putting is good. Everything else is going to -- get on the range a little later on and do some work.

Q. Talk about playing this morning in very benign conditions.
MATT JONES: It was a good round. I hit a couple squirrelly shots, but overall I hit it pretty well, took advantage of some holes in these conditions while we can. I made plenty of birdies. I actually putted really well. I had a lot of par putts which helped keep the round going.

Q. You've put yourself in position a couple times this year. Do you feel like that's helping you this week just continue on with your year?
MATT JONES: It's been my best year out here. It's the first time I've played this tournament to be honest with you. I've got my card wrapped up for next year, so it makes the next few weeks a little easier. I can take it a little more laid back. I still want to make the TOUR Championship.

Q. Obviously you're the proverbial "bubble boy" this week. Does that weigh on your mind?
MATT JONES: I'm used to being the bubble boy. I mean, last year I was 126 on the FedExCup list and missed out on the first one. It doesn't bother me at all. I know if I play to my abilities, it won't even come into affect. If I play well enough I won't have to worry about being the bubble boy.

Q. What can you guys expect out here in the afternoon?
MATT JONES: If it stays the way it is, very scorable. If you hit it in the fairway, the pins are very accessible. If the wind picks up, I'm not sure what the forecast is, but if it does pick up, it's going to be a little harder. I hear there's some rain coming, but it should be pretty scorable out there.

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