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August 29, 2010

Kristy McPherson


Q. Well, tell us about your great round today.
KRISTY McPHERSON: It was good. It was a good round. It was the best I hit the ball all year. Today and yesterday hit the ball really well. You know, managed to, as you're saying, it's tough to complain about 69 and 66. Bogey-free on the weekend, but definitely had my opportunities, had a bunch of short birdie putts. Left some out there, but definitely solid two rounds.

Q. Did you feel it was coming today?
KRISTY McPHERSON: After yesterday. I hit the ball really well yesterday, and it was very difficult. So like I said, if I could hit the ball that well today and give myself a chance to post a low number, who knows.

Q. As we speak, you're three back. You're still alive.
KRISTY McPHERSON: Well, it's not really alive. I wouldn't call it alive. But there's some hopefuls coming in, but I'm pretty sure, Michelle, she's a solid player, she doesn't make many mistakes, but I handled my round and did all I could and that's all I could come up with.

Q. Some thoughts on the crowds here this week.
KRISTY McPHERSON: Awesome, the crowds today. I think the mosquitoes kept them away a little bit yesterday and the little bit of rain yesterday, but today, just lining down the first tee and all the way up until 18 was pretty unbelievable and fun to play.

Q. How much scoreboard watching did you do today?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Well, you know you're coming from behind, so it's not like -- I looked just to see and know that I was giving myself plenty of birdie opportunities, so I was trying to watch just to see if I could make any kind of move. And like I said, I had my chances and knew that I had a chance had I made a few more coming in.

Q. What were some of the highlights of the round, any long birds or anything?
KRISTY McPHERSON: No. That's the thing. I missed a few six, eight-footers for birdie, especially early, and you know, didn't make any long putts, didn't do anything fancy. I just hit the ball really well.

Q. Pretty encouraged by this weekend, especially, like you said, bogey-free weekend?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Yeah. I hate that we have a week off next week. I'm just starting to figure it out. But yeah, this weekend was the way that I was hitting the ball when I was playing my best last year, and it's very encouraging.

Q. Among the best rounds of the year?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Solid. Score wise I think I've thrown a few in there, but solid round, and you know, you never want to say it was a bad 66, but to know that you didn't make any mistakes and you had an opportunity to take it deep, that's always encouraging.

Q. I read that you had Still's disease, have or had. Can you talk about how that's affecting your game?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Yeah. I had Still's Disease when I was 11. It's a form of juvenile arthritis. And I just take medicine every day.
Yesterday was a little tougher and a little more difficult with the rain, and when it gets a little bit cooler, but I've learned -- I've played my whole golf career like that, so I've learned you make a couple of swing changes and you can't quite get as much out of the ball as you expect, and you just learn to deal with it.

Q. What are some of the biggest challenges?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Golf wise, I can wake up in the morning and I can tell you if it's going to be a good day or not body wise, but I take meds every day and do the normal things, but I would be completely surprised if I woke up and didn't have any pain, but some days, like I say, yesterday was a little more difficult, but you gotta hit different golf shots. There's some shots I just can't hit on bad days but I know that and I know my game, and I know I don't try to.

Q. What are some of those shots you can't hit?
KRISTY McPHERSON: Mainly turn everything into a little more of a hook because I can't get through, can't really control the ball as much as I want to. (Indiscernible). And getting my lower body through.

Q. (Indiscernible).
KRISTY McPHERSON: Today was a good day. It was a little -- there's good days and there's okay days. Today was a pretty good day, and started out early and once I found out that I was getting enough out of my clubs that I thought I was, then I had confidence to do it all day, and I hit the ball well and the body held up pretty well.

Q. Is it something that can affect the range of your career do you think?
KRISTY McPHERSON: I'll play as long as my body will let me, so maybe. But you know, really it's well under control now. And I know what it's going to do to me, so I know how to deal with it.

Q. Thanks. Really appreciate it. Nice playing.

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