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August 29, 2010

Peter Hanson


Q. We have just been doing the very complicated math, as we speak, you are 26th in the tournament, there are 13 guys that could go past you to make you 39th, and you're in a four-way tie. We reckon you've made The Ryder Cup. Is that the way you see it?
PETER HANSON: It feels like it. Especially making those two birdies coming in felt great. It feels pretty safe, but you never know; the wind might drop and we'll see many birdies coming in.

Q. How does it feel to make that Ryder Cup side?
PETER HANSON: It feels great, of course, coming off last week, that win was fantastic and this week has been a bit different. I was of course very tired coming here and I've been battling trying to not think about making the team. It's been a long week and a tough week; so looking forward to a little bit of a break and hopefully if I make the team, get ready and be sharp.

Q. You started the week needing to finish 43 or better; how much pressure were you feeling?
PETER HANSON: A little bit, especially yesterday, I played great the first 38 holes and was right up in contention and it was easy. But when I started dropping a few shots, it's easy to start dropping a few more, and a 75 out of pretty much nowhere.
Today I came out, played steady, managed to give myself chances for birdies which is tough in this wind.

Q. We are used to seeing a Swede on The Ryder Cup Team. There was not one until now; how big will that be back home?
PETER HANSON: It's huge. Just getting back home Monday, everybody took it for granted that I was going to make the team and I was trying to do the same thing and say, look, it's not over yet and I still have to come here and perform and play well, and come Monday it will be sorted. I think tomorrow it will be a huge thing.

Q. How tired are you crisscrossing the globe to get on to the team?
PETER HANSON: A little bit but try not to think about it. I think tonight I'm going to celebrate a bit if I make the team and of course tomorrow as well, and like I said take a few days off and practise and get ready to be sharp playing The Ryder Cup.

Q. Going home tonight?
PETER HANSON: No, tomorrow.

Q. Are you playing next week?
PETER HANSON: No, I pulled out. I've been playing so much, it's been a lot. This week, and last week was tough. I think when you focus on just going to win and you don't care about anything else -- this week was different.
I had to come here and play decent and not play bad, but it's just -- and being a little bit tired, and just having all of these things in the back of your head, it's been a lot tougher this week, I can tell you that. So I'm very happy with the way I went about my game today. I knew I was striking the ball well. I've been struggling a bit with the putter on these greens, and just happy to play well and strike it nicely. Hit a lot of greens.

Q. Birdies on 15 and 17. What did you do?
PETER HANSON: I hit a 3-wood off 15. Hit a 6-iron straight at the pin, so the pin was back, so just on the back side and managed to make that. It was probably 20 feet.
And then I missed my it up on 16. I hit driver, 5-iron just left of the green and didn't get it up-and-down, and so that was one good opportunity gone, and had a perfect number on 17 with that short left pin, short 8-iron from 190 yards playing downwind off the right. So managed to get that one two feet left of the hole so that was a beautiful shot.

Q. So you didn't tell yourself, that should do it?
PETER HANSON: No, just trying to take one shot at a time. The last tee shot is a bit of a test, as well, the wind is into off the right. Just focus on that drive and get it in the fairway and I got it close to the green and didn't get it up-and-down.
But that's pretty much the story of the week, too many 3-putts. I think I had like eight or nine 3-putts. So that's really the thing that I feel I really need to shore up coming into match play; you need to feel a lot of confidence over the 4- or 5-footers.

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