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August 29, 2010

Lorie Kane


Q. How good do you feel about your final round, Lorie?
LORIE KANE: Oh, awesome. I'd like to go back and hit the 17th tee shot again, but no, very exciting.
Well, you know I had said I would put $100 up for every birdie I make, and I was a little bit nervous starting off, so to start with a birdie and then follow it up with another birdie and then have a good chance on 3, I thought, wow, you know what, we're going to be owing a lot of money at the end of the day, but that was I think the fun part for me. I just went out and played my game and played each shot and stayed in the process, and it was good.

Q. You must have had designs of taking it real low at one point.
LORIE KANE: Well, like I said, I tried to just stay where I was and not look forward and not look back and just give myself the opportunity.
I kind of stalled out on the two par-5s, 13 and 14, because I definitely had chances there. I hit almost all of the cup on 14, would have liked to have had that, and that might have given us a little momentum. And then I made that bad swing on 17. I didn't need that bogey, but it was a heck of a bogey.

Q. Nice reception from the crowds here.
LORIE KANE: Unbelievable. The fans here today have been -- well, all week have been spectacular. Yesterday in the rain -- I finished before the heavy rain came, so I saw it on TV that there were still lots of Winnipegans out following some great women golfers, so it's exciting.

Q. Is that better, Lorie, when it's not just ceremonial to the 18th tee -- or the 18th green I mean?
LORIE KANE: No. I mean it doesn't matter, win, lose or draw I had the support of the Canadian fans, and that means a lot to me. The last couple years haven't been my best, and like I said, I'm rounding the corner, and to know that they're behind me, it's fun, you know, to have that support.

Q. This is your best finish in a number of years.
LORIE KANE: Well, the tournament isn't quite over yet. There's still a lot of girls to come in.
For me it's been two very good consistent rounds of golf, but four rounds of golf that I didn't give up. And you know, I put myself in some places, someone told me the other day that I had a two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight on my card. The only thing that was missing was a one. So over four rounds there's a lot of shots that I could get back.
But again, I could be on the other side of it and not have made that putt on Friday and not be playing this weekend, so I took charge and got it done this weekend.

Q. Do you feel like you've rounded the corner in your game?
LORIE KANE: Well, I think it's just -- it's a process of having put in a lot of hard work. And the work is not yet done, and it'll still be another while.
I'm rounding the corner. I don't think I've hit the straightaway yet. So hopefully we'll get to see Sean Foley a little bit this fall. Danny and I worked very well with Sean, and then I can minimize my mistakes even fewer.

Q. What has he done for you?
LORIE KANE: Shawn just has a great understanding of how individuals play the game, and he has watched me play before and knew that I was a little bit off track in probably my path going back, and that impacted. I was leaking some oil in those two areas, so he gave us some drills to do and gave me the confidence that I could get it together.
And with Danny's help, you know, when I'm practicing, Danny's with me every day, so it helps that I'm not getting away from what Shawn and I've been working on.

Q. Will you go away from Winnipeg with one particular memory this week, one thing that you'll really remember?
LORIE KANE: That the first two rounds I felt like I was in a fight and I never went down.

Q. How important is the check you're going to cash this week?
LORIE KANE: It's never been about the money, and it never will be about the money. I'm a professional golfer and I want to shoot low numbers. I need to be -- the real Lorie Kane needs to have weekends like this all the time. So it'll help, but I'm doing okay in that area.

Q. Well, best of luck to you.
LORIE KANE: Thank you.

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