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August 28, 2010

Oliver Wilson


Q. 68 on a day when very few people are breaking 70, I understand you discovered a little something on the range this morning. Tell us about it.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I found the middle of the clubface. It's been a while.
I've done some good work this week, but you know, I'm having real problems carrying it from day-to-day. So I went on the range this morning and sort of figured something out and got a feeling where I was much more comfortable over the ball. I haven't been that comfortable over the ball for ages.
So clicked, and got a bit of confidence and managed to take that to the course and after the first few holes, hitting really quality shots, I just kept going, felt good. Adam was great on the bag, as well, kept me going when I made a bogey. One of the best rounds of the year.

Q. Conditions obviously not as good as the first to days, tell us how good a score of 68 is out there?
OLIVER WILSON: I don't know, it's picking up. The breeze is pretty bad. It's a lot stronger than it was, and obviously the rain now, I can't have timed it any better. But I come off the course feeling like I left quite a few shots out there. I had a lot of chances but like I say, looking at the scores, I'd say I'll be in with a chance going into tomorrow. I feel like I played one of my best rounds of golf this year and hopefully I can do that this year.

Q. There are some guys out there trying to battle for Ryder Cup places you were doing it two years ago, how are they feeling? What are their emotions like?
OLIVER WILSON: Well, if it was anything like me, they won't be enjoying it a whole lot. It's hard, especially on a course like this. There's quite a bit of trouble out there and greens are tricky to hole putts on. The last thing you want to do is leave yourself short putts around. It will be tough but the guys are playing well and they will be okay. It's what we play for, to get into those situations, so they will learn a lot about themselves and I think they will enjoy it, looking back, but probably not right now.

Q. Will it be a bit ironic for you to come up with that first win which we have been waiting for for so long off a poor run of form?
OLIVER WILSON: It would be nice, definitely. It's never been that far away, which has been the frustrating thing. Just the scores haven't been great and not getting any momentum. I've hurt myself a little bit this week. I've come off the course the last two days throwing -- well, not throwing but leaving quite a few shots on the last green. I feel like it could have been quite a few better. But yeah, it's all clicking into place and hopefully do the same tomorrow and see what happens.

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