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August 28, 2010

Lorie Kane


Q. Lorie, the roller coaster round -- or ride, I should say, of the last two days ended today with the most consistent round you've had in a while. How long since you've played that consistently?
LORIE KANE: Well, it's been a while. I've been off for a little bit. Obviously haven't -- you know, I guess maybe around LPGA Championships.
But it's been really good, and I know that the first two rounds there was really some consistent golf in there, too, but when you throw in 8s and 7s and craziness like that, the inconsistency stops quickly.
But today was a good day. I still left a ton out there, so I'm very encouraged with what's going on.

Q. On the positive side of the ledger here, it's cost you some money. That's five birds and that's $500, and you can't wait to pay it.
LORIE KANE: I can't. Hayden, our spokesperson from the Children's Hospital here, followed me around today, and I'll write him a check this afternoon and look forward to writing another one tomorrow.

Q. All right. So the money goes to CN Miracle Match. Thanks for your time.
LORIE KANE: Thanks, guys.

Q. You have said you felt you had a good round in you. I guess it came out today, didn't it?
LORIE KANE: Yes, and not to be greedy, but I did leave quite a few out there as well. You know, not birdieing the par-5s, I had a really good chance on 13 and misread a putt there and made a good 5 on 14.
So you know, you have to take advantage of the five pars, but still a lot of good things and any time you're in the 60s it's always fun.

Q. Stayed away from the big numbers.
LORIE KANE: You know what, today was a little bit easier on everybody, me and Danny, and my playing partner because I'm sure yesterday was not only hazardous for me, but my playing partners, plus the group behind us. No, things are good.

Q. A little easier because of the fact there's no wind today?
LORIE KANE: Yeah. The course, you know, any time you can get out as early as we did and the greens be as fresh as they are. The greens are just fabulous. The golf course is in super shape and it's going to lend itself.
I think Rachel Hetherington ahead of me had a very low round today. So it's there. Yeah, it's a little bit easier. The pins are tough and tucked in some places, so you know, later this afternoon I don't know if the wind will pick up or if it starts to rain, but the mosquitoes are another factor that we haven't had in the last couple of days.

Q. Do you feel you can go even lower tomorrow?
LORIE KANE: Yeah. Definitely. My goal was to make as many birdies in the next two days because then I have to pay up the Miracle Match. So five today. I probably should have had three more. But we'll take the five and build from there.

Q. At least feel good to avoid the roller coaster to another round?
LORIE KANE: Oh, yeah. I mean it's just too hard on you to play some really solid holes and then a bad swing comes and it -- I've never had to take so many unplayables. I think -- I don't know ever taken an unplayable other than the last two days.
So yeah. No, it's tough. It can be very mentally draining when it happens.

Q. Talk about the mentality going into tomorrow. Just try to go low again?
LORIE KANE: Yeah. Again, I made quite a bold statement saying I would give $100 to the Miracle Match for every birdie I made, so my intention is to go out there and make a ton.

Q. As part of the tournament have you done anything off the course here in Winnipeg?
LORIE KANE: Other than eat and sleep, not too much. We're right downtown at the Delta, and it's quite nice.
CN hosted a very nice party for us last night. They brought New Orleans to Winnipeg for us, so we were well entertained.
But again, I had an early tee time this morning, a 4:30 wake-up call, so it wasn't too late a night.

Q. You talked about the mosquitoes. We're proud of our mosquitoes. Are they the biggest and best you've ever seen?
LORIE KANE: Well, being from Prince Edward Island, we can get some pretty nasty ones, too, but no, these I gave quite a bit of blood today.

Q. Thanks, Lorie.
LORIE KANE: Thanks, guys.

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