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August 28, 2010

Justin Rose


Q. Justin, how important was that given that you had six birdies in your round, but it makes it a little better when you make your par?
JUSTIN ROSE: It does, I was aware I had a clean sheet today, no bogeys. I finished out a round. It was a good round. Made me a little nervous at the end. But the heartbeat does go off a beat or two to make a nice 7-footer coming up was a good feeling.
But all in all, it's a nice step in the right direction this tournament. I feel actually thankful just to be here. I didn't play particularly well the first two days and had a fortunate chip-in and holed a wedge to survive the cut, I suppose. I didn't play well so it was a lovely turnaround.

Q. Sometimes that's what it takes you get something that gets you to the weekend. What was the big difference today as opposed to the first two days?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think I just sort of settled into the round a lot more. Felt like I kept a really even keel throughout the round.
I felt like I was a little freer out there. I guess I figured I would just -- having got through the cut line I'll relax a little bit. So that's the way I've been playing of late. Playing pretty calm, relaxed that's sort of the frame of mind I bring in today.

Q. How about your position there? You certainly posted a number at least you know pretty much come tomorrow that you're going to be in the hunt?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. I figured that 65, 65 the weekend would go a long way towards winning the golf tournament. As we progress on, it proves WGC, you don't have to be in it for round one. You can really work your way into a golf tournament and that's the plan.
But you can't get ahead of yourself. That's the -- to post those numbers you've got to stay calm and stay very accepting out there and take a chances when they come.

Q. Talk about where you got your birdies, couple of highlights?
JUSTIN ROSE: Me and Ricky got off to a nice start. I enjoyed playing with him. That was good two under through three, I birdied the second par-3 hole, about a 15-footer there and about a four-footer for birdie par 5, and I rolled a lovely 25-footer on 9, about a 35-footer on 10, so putter started really warming up which was great. And picked up another couple of birdies --

Q. 13 and 16?
JUSTIN ROSE: What was it? 4-under through 10. Where did I -- 13? I made par 5. Hit a wedge in there to about eight feet. And again at 16, hit a wedge in there to about 10, 12 feet.
So took my chances with the short putts today. Drove the ball more in the fairway than I did yesterday. By all accounts, guys are really struggling with mud balls. A lot of guys were struggling with mud balls. I hit it in the rough which wasn't a problem for me, which was probably a good thing.

Q. How would you compare the course today versus yesterday?
JUSTIN ROSE: Beautiful. The course is really getting back to how it should be. I mean obviously Mother Nature, we can't account for that, but the greens were rolling. I think maybe a foot quicker. Certainly a little bit quicker. And I think they were putting a little truer today. I've certainly seen my lines much better and I thought the ball was staying on the ground in the greens really well. If you hit a good putt today you're going to make it.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think he makes his picks before we even see it up tomorrow. So today was the big day for me.
I think I just had to make a little bit of noise. I think it's a tight selection process right now where it is tied for the lead in Scotland, Luke Donald, Harrington and Casey as well. I mean, it can go any way. He's got many combinations that will work for him. So I just didn't -- obviously I had a little bit of a flat last month. So it's just been nice to make a little bit of noise and shoot a great round to show him my game is there.

Q. When was the last time you talked to him?
JUSTIN ROSE: At the U.S. PGA I saw him. I just told him I wasn't going to make it back four Gleneagle and I thought had a really good shot at the FedExCup, with my position coming into this. So he understood that. And I think the fact that Harrington and Donald and Casey made the same decision, I think it wasn't like I was the one guy sticking out. So I think that helped me, too.

Q. So today was particularly good? I mean, it got you into position?
JUSTIN ROSE: I went out there to play calm and really enjoy my round of golf. I didn't go out there to try and prove anything today. But I'm glad that it worked out. I think it's a timely round of golf.

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