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August 27, 2010

Simon Dyson


Q. You must be happy with that one.
SIMON DYSON: Very happy. Putted fantastic today. It held my score together for the first few holes. I just struggled with my irons today, my distances on my irons, I kept going long or short. I just couldn't get it right. I was hitting it down the flag but just going long or short but drove the ball great again. Only missed one fairway I think today.

Q. The heavy scores seemed to coincide with a couple of dropped shots. Was it difficult out there during at that point?
SIMON DYSON: It was. We played, which is it, 14, and it turned into a tough hole all of a sudden. You know, if you didn't hit the fairway, it turned into a tough hole.
But I managed to hit the fairway and hit a really nice shot in. I just missed a short putt on 13; that was my only bogey of the day, which was a bit disappointing.
But, you know, it's hard to go around a full 18 without bogeying a hole. And like I say, I got a little bit lucky, the first four holes, I held three -- two, monster putts for pars. 2 from 40 feet.

Q. After being the water?
SIMON DYSON: No. I chipped it down, hit in the bunker, knocked it down, hit the biggest sand iron I've ever hit, went in the bunker, plugged. I just knifed it to a foot, middle of the bottom tier and holed it for par.
Same on 4, I hit 5-wood straight down the flag, just come up short, rolled all the way back down and then chipped it onto about 20 foot, the down right-to-left and managed to roll that in one, as well and birdied 5 and all of a sudden I'm 1-under through five and could quite easily have been 3-over. I just seemed to play steady after that really, no fireworks.

Q. When you first dreamt about The Ryder Cup -- can you recall?
SIMON DYSON: Not really. I used to watch Seve and Olazábal at The Belfry.

Q. On TV?
SIMON DYSON: I've never been to a Ryder Cup.

Q. Biggest weekend of your career coming up?
SIMON DYSON: Well, I'll just give it a go, absolutely. Still there. Got a good chance.

Q. In position to close it down, fantastic finish.
SIMON DYSON: I'm, what, three behind? Even if I'm three behind with 9- to play I'll still fancy my chances. My two wins in Holland I've been pretty much three behind with 9- to play and I've managed to go on a bit of a birdie blitz.
So still a long way to go. Another good day tomorrow and I've myself a real good chance.

Q. Going head-to-head -- have you played the first two rounds with Miguel last week?
SIMON DYSON: No, he played just in front of me. Could be.

Q. Does that help? Do you like that sort of --
SIMON DYSON: Doesn't really matter. I know what I've got to do.

Q. Must be comforting knowing that Monty is saying that he can't favor anybody, but he says that you're a sparkly kind of guy and you would be great for the locker room. Could be a bit of a boost when you're playing the last match?
SIMON DYSON: Massively. I must earn my right to be there. Like I say, I don't honestly think I'd get a pick, but, I could totally understand if I didn't, you know, because of all of the rookies that are on the team at the minute. We'll just have to work our way in, play our way in, and if I don't, I'll watch it on TV.

Q. Exciting, 36 holes away from being in The Ryder Cup.
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. If I play the best 36 holes of my life, I'll be playing the best tournament of my life.

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