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August 27, 2010

Peter Hanson


Q. Give us your thoughts on that, two 69s, pretty good?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, getting frustrated towards the middle of round. Putting awful to be honest but got some back on the back nine. Made a beautiful birdie on 12, and then a putt on 17 and made one on the last.
Yeah, I was pretty happy to break 70 both days. My ball-striking is still unbelievable at the minute. I mean, pretty much every iron shot is straight at the pin, so it's quite a nice feeling.

Q. Are you keeping an eye on The Ryder Cup situation? You're in a pretty strong position at the moment but it could still turn around at the moment I suppose?
PETER HANSON: That's been the battle of this week trying not to think about it. Of course, playing with Dyson and he's playing nicely, as well, and he putted fantastic today, he made pretty much everything. So it's been good that way, because we are both playing well, and I think we both want to win this week. So it's been good.

Q. Is it an advantage playing with a guy who can do you damage?
PETER HANSON: I think it is, when you're in form. If I wouldn't be in form and not playing great, it might be a bit of pressure, but now we are both playing well, I think it's a good thing to play with somebody scoring well and playing well.
Like I said, that in my mind makes me try not to think about both lists and everything instead of going out here and trying to get in position and into contention to win the golf tournament.

Q. You're certainly carrying on the form of the Czech Republic, no question about that.
PETER HANSON: My form wouldn't go away, I knew that. So there's a bit of confidence in that, and trust is a lot about this game.
Very happy about the way I'm striking it, so it's all about making those putts.

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