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August 27, 2010

Lorie Kane


Q. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride those last two holes. You had this beautiful eagle and then you hit the tree.
LORIE KANE: Well, before that I bumped one into the woods and then everybody can give some blood to the mosquitoes on No. 14.
You know, it's going to happen. I'm still not 100 percent on all the things we've been working on. And Danny and Shaun told me that every once in a while under the gun some bad habits will come back. And you know, you make a long 30-footer for eagle and you think everything's going smoothly. And I stood over that tee shot like I had planned to hit it straight down the middle, and something happened and I pop it into the trees, recover, make double.
And the 3-wood on 16 when I hit the tree, I thought I made a good swing there, and I might have had the ball teed up a little too high. I can't really tell you what happened. But again, I did give myself a chance for a putt at par.

Q. And it looks like you're going to make the cut. What does that mean to you to make the cut here in Canada?
LORIE KANE: Well, I'm a professional golfer and I only get paid if I stay around on the weekend, as I laugh.
No, for me this weekend is important because I'm part of the CN family and I'd like to be here to represent them, but it's also important for me because it's part of the process, and the more rounds that I have under my belt, the better it will be for me in the future. So I need competitive rounds of golf, and I certainly hope that I get a chance to get out there tomorrow.

Q. Is it a special meaning because it's in Canada?
LORIE KANE: Absolutely. Yeah. Any time we play here.

Q. What were you pointing to up here after you made the putt?
LORIE KANE: A gentleman -- I'm not sure who it was. (Indiscernible). I was giving him a thank you very much.

Q. Can you talk about the emotions there? Did you think it was in all the way?
LORIE KANE: I knew I had to make that putt, so I just thought, well, give it the best roll. I'd been putting very, very well, and I thought I could make a couple of more birdies coming in. Definitely on 15 I had a chance. So that was about the same length, and it was uphill and just had to hit it at the hole.

Q. 30 or was it --
LORIE KANE: That was probably 25 feet.

Q. After last year in Calgary, how important is it to have a Canadian in on the weekend?
LORIE KANE: Well, I think we had 13 Canadians tee it up at the beginning of the week and the more girls we can have around for the weekend, the better it is for Canadian golf.

Q. Talk about the eagle.
LORIE KANE: Oh, the eagle was fun. I haven't had an eagle in quite some time. I got a little read off of Sherri's chip and then rolled it down and in it went.

Q. Was that the first of the year?
LORIE KANE: You know, I don't even think I've had one this year. That could be the first.

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