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August 27, 2010

Paula Creamer


Q. Paula, consistent golf. Back-to-back 71s, but at times today you looked a bit angry at yourself. Would you describe this one as a hard-fought 71?
PAULA CREAMER: I've been grinding it out the last two days. Yesterday through eight holes I was already, I told Colin, I'm kind of exhausted out here. I feel like I'm just grinding away.
But I get disappointed in myself. I give myself plenty of opportunities, and when I don't capitalize on that, I kind of get down, but I'm trying not to do that as much. I'm trying to stay even the whole way through and be positive when good things happen and just kind of move on when the good ones aren't there.

Q. Everybody was hoping to make up ground today, but Michelle Wie goes early, shoots 69 to go to 10-under, so as Judy Rankin said, those that are having breakfast are already losing ground. What were you thinking as you started your round today?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah. I didn't even look at a board before I got out here. It's a completely different golf course in the afternoon. I mean these fairways are just so firm.
They're so much firmer than the greens are, which makes it difficult, but I knew I had to go out and try to shoot as low a number as I could with all the wind we had. But tomorrow is a level playing field and hopefully I can make a bunch of birdies.

Q. Quickly, you said on a tweet last night to tell everybody that you were able to hit some balls on the range after the round for the first time or the second time since you had your thumb surgically repaired. How much better are you feeling?
PAULA CREAMER: It comes and goes. It was necessary. I really needed to go hit some balls and kind of get a good swing for today going into the weekend, and I hit about 25, 30 balls, and I iced it pretty much the whole night after that.

Q. Okay. Thanks, Paula. We'll see you tomorrow.
PAULA CREAMER: Okay. Thanks.

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