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August 26, 2010

Adam Scott


Q. Just general thoughts if you could on the day.
ADAM SCOTT: Overall, I mean, I'm very happy with everything I did today. Everything was in good shape, especially after what I felt like yesterday, the Pro-Am a long, hard day, didn't feel like a course where you could shoot 6-under. So seeing some good scores this morning made me change my mind and got off to a quick start and took advantage of it. It was good. It felt like me playing golf again.

Q. What did you want to do there in the afternoon that seems like a lot of guys couldn't do?
ADAM SCOTT: What did I do? I struck the ball really solid. I think this course is hard playing out of the rough. It's a bogey golf course out of the rough and I hit a lot of fairways. So I was in good shape giving myself a chance to hit greens.
You know, if I hit three less fairways I probably would have shot only one or two under which is the way this course seems to be playing. Hitting fairways is pretty key playing it long, you can't run the ball up out of the rough.

Q. How many drivers did you hit today?
ADAM SCOTT: Quite a few. I guess at least eight. More, maybe. A lot.

Q. [Inaudible]?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I've been playing great. And I just -- my putting has just not been consistent at all this year. But I felt some good stuff happen at the PGA throughout the week and I wasn't really consistent there. But good vibes. And last week was fun practicing, and I came here with a good attitude and kept the good play up and made some putts today. Could have been better still but made some.

Q. Do you think you can reach any of the par 5s in these conditions in terms of softness?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think so. No. I think they're out of reach.

Q. Is it odd to have a course --
ADAM SCOTT: It is. There's a slight chance, maybe, on 3 today it's downwind, but the other ones, no, I don't think so. Lucky to get a layup on that one. I had 250 in for my third today, because I couldn't lay it up. Lay it up over the grass. So I had 3-wood in for my third.

Q. Kind of weird, the only hole on the golf course that has that sort of little weird disconnect feature there?
ADAM SCOTT: The 3rd hole's got it, but it's earlier.

Q. Hitting 66 --
ADAM SCOTT: I'm happy overall. It was disappointing because I felt the round could have been even better. I hit a good shot and the wind kind of didn't hit the ball, lay down. So just frustrating not to get the most out of the round, but it's a good score.

Q. You spent the last week practicing. Where are you hanging out. Where are you practicing?
ADAM SCOTT: I was down in Oceanside, California at the Titleist performance thing. So I was just hanging out down there.

Q. Do you have a house out there?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I've got friends who have houses.

Q. You can sponge off your friends.
ADAM SCOTT: I putted the same as the PGA. Cut my putter down there. Cutting down is much better for me than going regular. Brad, my coach, suggested that because I wasn't feeling super comfortable with the left hand low going into the PGA. Like I said, I liked what I saw there. I'm sticking there with it. I'm trying my best to stick with something.

Q. How long is the putter now?
ADAM SCOTT: It's 33-and-a-half inches.

Q. Your left shoulder feels like it's --
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, left hand low would be very difficult.

Q. How much?
ADAM SCOTT: An inch and a half.

Q. Are you still working with the Stocktons?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I still talk to them. I saw them this week a little bit on an as-needed basis. They've been helpful, but I've really worked a lot with Brad, my coach, and everyone talks about Dave and that. But he deserves a lot of credit for where my game's at, I think.

Q. What did the Texas Open do for your confidence?
ADAM SCOTT: It was great to get a win again, because it had been a couple of years since I had won on the PGA TOUR. I won the Aussie Open last year, but it's not quite the same as winning the PGA TOUR although it's a big deal for me to win the Aussie Open. But winning is a good habit to be in. It's something you don't want to go too long without, because I've really grown up with the belief that I'm playing to win.
And it's been a habit I've been pretty good at keeping. I wanted to get out there and win and my focus now is to try and win before the end of the year again.

Q. Given everything he's been through, how surprised are you to see "Woods" above your name?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really. Not at all. Seemed like he had something going better at the PGA. He finished all right there. And although I didn't see him play much, but he must have played better in Akron. And if he's got a nice, good feeling, swing, with something new and fresh, we all feel good after that.
So for him to piece things together, I think can't be too hard. He's very good.

Q. Do you remember being this late in the season where the Player-of-the-Year race looks like it could be picking names out of a hat at this point?

Q. (Inaudible)?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it could come down to these weeks, these four weeks, could be the weeks to become Player of the Year. It could be anyone who is in them, I think, with four good weeks.

Q. How does the finish of your round affect your game plan for tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Makes me feel good about tomorrow, that's for sure. I'm looking forward. Hopefully at least get nine holes of some pretty fresh, smooth greens that I can take advantage of. And build on what I've done today. Because certainly seems maybe not until Sunday the course will firm up any. So guys will still be making birdies, some of them.

Q. Kind of chewed up out there because they've been so wet and soft?
ADAM SCOTT: Still a bit of moisture in them. They get a little chewed up later in the day. But to be fair, they were pretty good, considering.

Q. Do you think it will be dry, clean and place tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Tomorrow, clean and place. There's a lot of mud on the ball still.

Q. By the weekend?
ADAM SCOTT: By Sunday, yeah. It's wet, though. It's holding a lot of water.

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