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August 26, 2010

Simon Dyson


Q. Your verdict, please, on a round, where you were 6-under par through 14 and finish 4?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, played really nice, played really good, through 15 holes, I was, you know, hit nearly every fairway and hit most of the greens and I was holing out, really well, as well. Just hit a drive down right of the 16th hole, which was the seventh, and wind picked it up and got it a little bit extra more than I thought it would and you go in that bunker and it's a shot gone really.
A shame to finish like that at the last. If my drive had missed on the path, I would have been okay because that's where everyone was walking, the crowds. But I just drew a couple of poor lies, which you're going to in this rough because it's pretty thick. A shame to finish with a six but all in all pretty good start.

Q. We know you have to win this tournament to have a chance of getting onto this Ryder Cup Team; did that make you extra aggressive going out because of the scenario?
SIMON DYSON: Not really because I'm a pretty positive person anyway, I go at quite a few pins, but I just wanted to keep playing how I have been for the last two weeks really. I've been striking the ball good and I did the same again today. My driver, I drove the ball excellent, probably bar the last one, the right bunker was a bit in my mind. Obviously we're going in the one on 7, I overdrew it and the wind got it, as well. Everything was how I wanted it to be, which is good.
You know, I putted probably as good as I've putted for the last two weeks, as well. It's coming out on the middle and starting on the line I wanted.

Q. Your fifth week in a row, is it evidence you get better the more you play, because your results are getting better?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, we have set it all year, my coach and my brother has mentioned it, my dad; the more I play, the more I seem to get into tournament golf. Whereas my season has been very stop/start, with playing in America a lot, and that's not how I like to play. I just like to play and get a few rounds of golf under my belt. Yeah, like the third week was when I started playing really good in America, and obviously last week I had a chance, and this week I've got off to a good start again. So long may it continue.

Q. How much does this Ryder Cup campaign mean to you?
SIMON DYSON: Oh, I'd love to play it. Every European golfer wants to play it. And the fact that I'm pretty close, you know, obviously I've got to win it; it would be extra special if I did win it and it earned me a place on Monty's team. But, you know, first thing's first, I've got to try to win the tournament.

Q. What chance of a pick, if you think you finish just outside the top nine, say?
SIMON DYSON: I wouldn't expect one if I was perfectly honest. You've got a lot of guys who have been playing really good all season. You've got a couple of guys who are in the world's top nine and there's a lot of rookies playing in it this year, so me personally, I think would you go for more experience, like Casey and Harrington and Donald.
But, you never know. I've played with Monty before in Thailand, and he likes my attitude. But, you know, I wouldn't expect it.

Q. Reflections really on the round so far, it was promising to be a really low number at one stage, wasn't it?
SIMON DYSON: It was. My front nine, which was the back nine, I shot 3-under for it, and could quite easily have shot 6-under. And then, you know, I made a really good up-and-down on 1, which kind of kept everything flowing and then made a good birdie at 2 and great birdie at 3. Nearly holed my second shot. And then lovely birdie at 6. I seemed to birdie all the hard holes today. Made four birdies on probably the four hardest holes on the course. I had a good chance at 6, but just missed that, and then, you know, wind got my drive.
But even though I made a couple of bogeys, I still, by the drive on 7, I hit it where I wanted to. The drive on 9 wasn't far off being a decent drive and my drive on 10 wasn't far off being a decent shot.
So the shots were good, wasn't like I was tightening up or anything and really hitting wayward shots, and that's good. I've been playing good for like two weeks now. So you know, it's all about not playing yourself out of the tournament on day one. I haven't done that.

Q. A lot of players would say The Ryder Cup thing will take care of itself, just got to concentrate on golf, but I sense The Ryder Cup is right there in the front of your mind at the moment.
SIMON DYSON: It is now, it has not been so much the last couple of weeks. I was playing all right but I wasn't firing on all cylinders. I played Akron, and you know, that was just a long course, but I started to get something going there.
And then Whistling Straits, I played really nice. And then played even better last week. I mean, the Saturday is probably the best golf I've ever played, especially the front nine, I just didn't miss a shot and shot about 2- or 3-under for the front nine and like I say, it could have been 29 comfortably.
So the game is in good form. And we'll just see what happens.

Q. How does the dynamic of this week change, otherwise it would be an ordinary Tour event, but it's not, is it; it's about trying to snatch that Ryder Cup place?
SIMON DYSON: It is, and it's amazing what your attitude can be like when you know that you have to win. Too often players, including myself, you can walk into the tournament and think, you know, we'll give it a go but there's always next week; whereas this week, there isn't next week and it's amazing how positive you can be with your attitude. I think it's something I might have to learn off.

Q. How much would it mean to you to get into this team?
SIMON DYSON: Oh, I would love it. I absolutely thrive on stuff like that. I've played Walker Cup. I've played a couple of Seve trophies. I've played the Royal Trophy under Monty, as well. It's great to be part of a team, because it's such an individual sport, 365 days a year, and then all of a sudden, you're playing with a team and it's really exciting.

Q. Do you think you can do enough this week, even if you don't play yourself into the top nine, to put yourself into the already complex mix as far as captain's picks are concerned?
SIMON DYSON: If I was brutally honest, I don't think so. I think there's a lot of very good players who he would want to pick in front of me.
I think I would be pretty close, but I think with there being so many rookies in the team already, I think you would want a little bit more experience in there. I mean, he might prove me wrong and do me a favour, but I wouldn't expect it if I was perfectly honest.

Q. And as a stalwart of The European Tour, what's your feeling, should those picks go in the direction of the so-called 'FedEx Four,' or should it be guys who turned up to events like this?
SIMON DYSON: I mean, it's each to their own. Paul Casey plays out in America a lot and he wanted to play in that FedEx. He's a fantastic player and he's someone you want on your team. But, you know, I don't think it will have done us any harm, coming over and flying straight in from America, straight into Prague. Peter did it, as well, and proves it can be done. We'll see.

Q. Adrenaline?
SIMON DYSON: Pretty normal day really. To be fair, the adrenaline never really gets going really high on Thursday, Friday, Saturdays.
The back nine Sunday where it can kick in, it did last week, which is good. I wouldn't say I haven't been enjoying my golf, but not as much as I normally do. And then all of a sudden, you hit a bit of form and these last few weeks, it's really kicked in again. And I'm really having a lot of fun out there with Guy and that's half of the battle, really, if you're enjoying it.

Q. Did you have many Ryder Cup conversations today with your playing partners?
SIMON DYSON: No. I spoke to Peter about it. We were talking about like weeks off. Obviously I'm playing Holland and then at the minute I've got three weeks off. So I was just chatting about him, what his schedule is going to be, if he gets in, and that was about it really.

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