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August 26, 2010

Robert Rock


Q. Terrific numbers on the scorecard, what's the story behind them?
ROBERT ROCK: I got away with a lot really. I didn't play good. Drove it well but my irons were really poor. So Jamie did a good job with the greens today, because that saved me a lot, I hit some really bad iron shots early on. So I feel lucky to have shot 5-under really.

Q. What's the attitude when you're trying to get around in a decent score?
ROBERT ROCK: Fairways are quite soft and felt like I was going to fat nearly every iron shot. I was trying to just choose shots that didn't need to really be steep, and back nine, I found some sort of swing to start hitting some better iron shots but the front nine, I don't know how I was 4-under I think. But I was in the fairway every hole. So gave me a decent chance.

Q. You're having a great season of it up until The Open, finished 7th, and three missed cuts since. Is this the problem, the swing?
ROBERT ROCK: The driving has been good but I've been too steep on my irons and the strike has been awful, and I've worked really hard over the last few weeks but I haven't found something really to the strike. The irons are normally the more reliable part of my game over the past couple of seasons. It's in there somewhere, so a bit lost as to what to find, so I'm going to go to the range and have a look.

Q. If there's no story to tell, but tell me the story about this day, because it's a good score, isn't it?
ROBERT ROCK: It's a good score, good total. I putted it nice and drove it nice but the bits in between quite messy. I played with Richie Ramsay and he played better than me tee-to-green and he didn't hole a putt and I holed loads of them, so typically really. I've had rounds like Riche has had, and I'm on one of the right end of those dodgy rounds that turns out all right. I've got to find something else, because I can't play three more rounds like that.

Q. You sound guilty as well as frustrated.
ROBERT ROCK: I'm a little guilty with the score, but the driving was brilliant, I hit every fairway. That's good, shows a decent swing in there somewhere, but I didn't find a strike in my irons at all. I was thinning them and fatting them. It's hard to work out what to do with that, but I managed to save the score somehow.

Q. If I do ask what's going on, what is the reason for this?
ROBERT ROCK: When I look at my swing on video, which I do quite a lot, there's not much out of place, but there's a few things I don't quite like. I think the backswing is pretty the same as normal but my posture is a little bit off I think.
I've fiddled with that on the front nine and I just felt awkward over every shot and I gave up on that on the back nine. Tried to hit a few draws on the back nine to shallow the strike out a little about it and that helped somewhat, but they still weren't good. So more sort of searching on the range to work it out.

Q. Are you good at correcting things as you go along?
ROBERT ROCK: Normally. Normally I will do things like I did today, just try a different shot or come up with a different swing thought pretty sharpish if things are not going to plan, but the last few weeks have been a struggle really because I've not been able to work it out. I played great at The Open and my swing felt lovely there and ever since then it's kind of took a little knows dive. So I'll work it out. I'll work it out eventually.

Q. Are you as intrigued as everybody with all of The Ryder Cup speculations?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I am. It's nice to see guys putting themselves in with a shout, and what Peter Hanson did last week as impressive. It will be interesting come Sunday which way it goes with it but it's nice some of the guys turned up to play. I think that's got to count for something.

Q. Who would your three be?
ROBERT ROCK: There's not much point asking me. Doesn't really matter, does it. But I think either way it's not going to have an overall massive effect on the team. The guys he's picking from are all brilliant. It will be disappointing for the other guys, but I would go with most of the guys that are here I would have thought.

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