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August 26, 2010

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN: I've always liked the golf course here, and it's good to get another good round.

Q. You said the other day that you had felt things were turning; what's changed?
MARC WARREN: Well, ball-striking for a start has changed a lot. I know when I miss a shot, obviously everyone misses a shot, I know where it's going. I think today I missed two greens. If I did miss two greens all day, one of them was a mental mistake and one of them was overdrew it on the 7th, but I knew exactly why that was.
So that was instead of having a bad shot and not knowing where it's coming from, that's the worst feeling you can have really. I just knew I was in total control in both, and I think that will show in my stats as well as my score.

Q. Having won here, must make you feel positive every time you come back here?
MARC WARREN: Definitely helps you. I've had a couple of good finishes here, and as I said, the way I've been feeling about my game, the last couple of results have been encouraging. Last week I didn't really feel that comfortable with my swing, didn't really play that great, strike it that great but I managed to get a score out of it because the bad shots were good.
That was really encouraging coming here this week, I managed to see Pete and Mike and got that sorted and ball-striking, me and David were talking about it and that's the best it's been in a couple of years.

Q. You said in Ireland that was the start of a turning point for you. You had a pretty good week in Ireland.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, before Ireland I had been working with Pete for a couple of weeks and was starting to get an understanding of what we were doing and what we were working on. I could picture it pretty easily in my head, how I would envisage a golf swing to look, and obviously his knowledge is pretty deep.

Q. Pete Cowen and Mike?
MARC WARREN: Mike Walker who works alongside Pete. Obviously Pete is pretty busy with a lot of players, so Pete kind of pops in and out. But I've been fortunate since we've been working, he's spent a lot of time as well as Mike and they both discuss what they are working on when you and it's the same thing really in what they say.

Q. How long have you been working with them?
MARC WARREN: Kind of started the week after France. I spoke to Ian on the Wednesday of France, Ian Rae, decided to change maybe for the best. I spoke to Mike that week, actually, and I spoke to Pete the week after.

Q. Where is Mike based?
MARC WARREN: Same place, exact same schedule, same range as Mike. He's worked with Pete for years. Actually Pete taught him since he was 13 or something. So, yeah, they work really well together. It's good you get to spend a bit of time with both of them.

Q. Talk us through the eagle at 16.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I hit a really good drive. It was probably the best drive I hit all day. I hit a draw down the right side and managed to run it down a bit, and I had 214 to the hole, a bit of a funky lie actually, sidehill lie, and it was a perfect number for a 4-iron. Hit a nice draw with a 4-iron to about six feet just behind the hole on the right-hand side and managed to roll that in.

Q. Disappointed with the 17th green --
MARC WARREN: I was, I was more kind of thinking -- because I hit a really good shot in there as well. I was surprised it came up on the slope, I was cutting a 6-iron. I think once you get down to the green, the wind was more off the left. The wind was switching about today. It was more off the left than we thought. I didn't quite strike the first putt well, I got there and I thought, just two feet, just knock it in. Didn't even mark it. I just went up to knock it in really. It was probably just loss of concentration. I was probably thinking more about the putt I just hit, rather than the putt I was ready to hit. So obviously a fatal mistake, but feeling good about my game this week anyway.

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