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August 26, 2010

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Your own game today?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well it doesn't really figure but 71 is okay and I think anything under par is good. So we can forget that now, onto bigger and better things. Dyson, good effort. He's just missed the green on the last there (he dropped a shot) but it is a tremendous effort. As I said, to have to come here and win or finish second and to start like that is a fantastic effort so all credit to him. Molinari two under, good start, good solid base to his chances. Early days obviously but those two shone this morning and we'll see how we go from now on. I knew it might change which is why I couldn't say I'd done this or that earlier and it still might change. But as is lads really.

Q. Sympathy for McGowan who is struggling with a back injury?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes very much so. I noticed that this morning and I have great sympathy for him because it's not easy. But he's come and he's made a great effort and I wish him the best as well. But I can't just wish him the best and the guys the best trying to overtake him. I always said this would be the most difficult team to qualify for in the history of our European campaigns and it's proving that.

Q. Did Sam give you any advice out there today?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not really, just about logisitics really. We talked about drivers of vice captains buggies and all the sort of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that you guys might not be aware of but there is a lot goes on behind the scenes before the first fourball tees off on Friday morning. But he is a good friend of mine and he will be down at Celtic Manor with the BBC and I look forward to speaking to him then as well.

Q. Anything he said to you about logistics that you haven't thought of?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not particularly, nothing that I haven't already got down but it's interesting what importance he places on certain things instead of others.

Q. What happens on Sunday if Lee Westwood can't be committal on Sunday?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: At the point of the qualification, if he doesn't make it and I am 99% certain he will, then it goes down the list he qualified from which right now Donald will take his spot.

Q. I understand that but what if, on Sunday morning he can't totally commit, that is the deadline for you totally is it?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, it's not, not at all. We are entitled to substitute a player right up until Thursday night.

Q. So as far as you're concerned even if he says on Sunday night to you that he's not completely fit, you just plod on with your plans.....?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes we just plod on and go down the list when the qualification finishes which doesn't include the Barclays tournament in America.

Q. So he doesn't have a deadline for Sunday then?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: He has a deadline for Thursday of the Ryder Cup week, that's his deadline. I've got to bring in a substitute at that stage but not until then.

Q. Are you considering taking a 13th man then?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It's never been done before and I am always quite surprised that there isn't a substitute there especially when it is in the States. It is easier when it's at home but a substitute is an awkward position to be in when you're feeling that you're not quite good enough, but at the same time 13th man in this team is good enough to be on site. I've always felt that it has been an omission over the years especially when you have someone who is injured going into the matches as Lee is currently. But I don't think that will be an issue and I don't think that will crop up.

Q. Will you be asking someone to prepare themselves to go in that role that week?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes I will. I've got to. That would be wrong of me not too. Someone will be prepared just in case, the 13th man, yes.

Q. Are you going to watch any of the FedExCup?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I will tonight, definitely, I am very interested obviously in what is going on. I am having dinner in the hotel and I have one of these fancy phones now which has the safari thing on it and I can go onto the leaderboard and actually watch. Harrington is out first because he's 50th odd in the rankings so he'll be done before dinner but the other three of my FedEx Four as you've nicknamed them, will be out during dinner so I'll be watching them, yes.

Q. If Simon does play his way into the team, what will be bring to a team and a team room?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Oh he's a passionate guy. He's up for the challenge and very bright and very sort of sparkly character and he'd bring that to everybody in the team room. I wish him well, he's doing his best and doing his real utmost here. I think he was six under here at one stage which is bloody good to have to go out there and do that and be performing which is excellent. But there are three rounds to go so we'll see. As you can see, I couldn't have made my decision before this time obviously because of this situation that is going on right now.

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