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August 25, 2010

Simon Dyson


Q. Feeling excitement?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, but feeling tired as well.

Q. How are you feeling? I heard you weren't well.
SIMON DYSON: Yes, I've been a little bit -- I was really ill in Ireland and kind of had just a really bad cold at the weekend at Czech Open, so just been run down, been doing a lot of travelling and airplane air is never the best.
Par but, hey, I'm probably playing the best golf I've played all year, and I've got one week left so I might as well just give it everything and just go for it, because I really want to get in it.

Q. That's the attitude, isn't it?
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. Absolutely. That's the attitude I took last week and went to win and a bit of luck on the back nine, I'm not going to say I would have done, but I would have certainly been in the playoff, at worst. But just didn't quite happen, and sometimes it does -- you need a bit of luck at this game. I said to my dad, every tournament that I've won, I could name you the holes that I had the luck on. We'll see.
I hope it comes this week.

Q. This is a place you've done well?
SIMON DYSON: I've had a few like top sevens or something.

Q. Encouraging because it's not a golf course everyone loves?
SIMON DYSON: No, it's not, but there's some fantastic golf holes here, some fantastic holes. It's just a shame it's always -- if it was running and bouncing, I think it would be a fantastic golf course. It's just always mega- wet with where it is.

Q. Have you calculated what you have to do?
SIMON DYSON: I'm just thinking I've got to win. If I win it, I'm in. Simple as. There's no room for second. It's like Will Ferrell said in Talladega Nights - if you're not first, you're last!
So I'm going for the win, win, yeah. And if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, you know, I gave it a good go and there will be another chance.

Q. I can sense that you're not optimistic about a pick?
SIMON DYSON: No, not with -- especially not now, Peter Hanson won last week and over took Casey. If Casey was still in, you never know. I like Monty. I think he likes me. I've played under him in Thailand and I've partnered him in Thailand and we got on great. He likes my attitude and I've played under McGinley and he likes my attitude and stuff. But with that last week, that was the one result I didn't want. I mean I'm pleased for him, don't get me wrong, he's a good lad, Pete, but for me that was the one result I couldn't afford to happen. And it did, so it's just going to be one goal this week and that was it. Look what Peter Hedblom did last year, I beat him in a playoff in Holland and went and won this the following week, so why not.

Q. Do you have an opinion on the guys that aren't here?
SIMON DYSON: No, I mean, everyone has their own opinion, don't they. It's like you say, it's not everyone's cup of tea and obviously they didn't want to come here. It's a long way for the likes of Casey and Luke and Justin. It's a long way.

Q. Imagine you can understand the both sides of the debate?
SIMON DYSON: If it was me, I would be here personally but like I say everyone has their own agenda and opinion and I know the TOUR Championship is high on Paul Casey's list and it's the first week of the FedEx, isn't it, this week. So we'll see.

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