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August 24, 2010

Lorie Kane


MIKE SCANLAN: We'd like to welcome you to the 2010 CN Canadian Women's Open. Obviously you have a very vested interest in this tournament. It's your longtime sponsor CN. If you would just talk about being here in Winnipeg.
LORIE KANE: Thanks. It's great to be back in Winnipeg. This is actually my third trip here this summer. I was here in May, again in June for the media day, press day, and now here for obviously tournament week.
It's always fun to be home to play, and CN's contribution to women's golf in this country has been significant, and the players are excited to be here. The golf course, I've played nine holes, going to play another nine after I'm finished speaking to you guys, but very happy to be home, and yeah, it's a great event.
MIKE SCANLAN: Just talk a bit about the state of your game, how you're feeling right now.
LORIE KANE: Well, it's good. It's a lot better than the scores that I'm posting. I had started working, Danny Sharp and I, Danny being my caddie and very good friend and someone I've leaned on as a teacher for quite some time, it was Danny's encouragement that I started to work with Sean Foley back in November, and with Sean's help I've really been able to get back to what made me successful. So I'm still in the process stage. It's not something -- and I dug myself, to be honest with you, quite a big hole and got into some habits that weren't good.
And so now we're on our way out of that. I go to the golf course every day having fun because it's fun to hit golf shots again, and I can see the ball go right to left and left to right and know why it's going that way instead of wondering why it's going that way.
No, things are very good.

Q. To take you back a little ways, you've played this golf course before.

Q. Just playing nine holes, did it bring back any memories of what you had before?
LORIE KANE: Yeah, well, when I played here in 1992 I was an amateur, and we played the other nine, as well. So I played the tournament back nine today, and yes, I did remember where I was and actually was quite surprised in June when I was here that I did remember the holes. I couldn't really put them in order, and for some reason the 18th green to me seemed to be a par-3. Why I felt that, I'm not sure.
But it's a great test of golf, and I'm looking forward to playing. I walked the other nine last night, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays this afternoon. The golf course is fantastic. I think these conditions, the fairways are tight, firm, the rough is penalizing but fair and playable. So it's exciting to -- I'm looking forward to the week.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks for coming in.

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