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August 22, 2010

David Toms


DOUG MILNE: Okay. David, thanks for joining us for a few minutes. Obviously not quite the outcome you were hoping for but still a great week, 6-under, 64 today. You got to be feeling good about your week overall and kind of set your sights on moving forward.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah. I came here this week trying to have a great week, just to advance my position in The Playoffs. At this point I didn't really even have, you know, permanent plans to go to Boston. I was 98th,I think, on the list, and I needed to have a great week to get in that tournament.
So I had a great week, not quite tremendous week but I set myself up and be in a little better position to make a move in The Playoffs.
My game is coming around at a good time. It's been awhile since I had a Top-10 finish, I think last summer. So not only have a Top-10 but to have a chance to win is very rewarding week for me.
DOUG MILNE: What specifically about your game were you more impressed and happy with this week?
DAVID TOMS: That I finally put four rounds together. I know it's a golf course where everybody is shooting a lot of low scores. When you see that you still go out there and post a good number everyday, it means a lot to me that I can go out there late in the afternoon and see guys already shooting low and be able to follow it up with a good round.
Sometimes you put a lot of pressure on yourself when guys are going low and you get off to kind of a slow start. I hung in there and had a good game plan.
Didn't hit driver off all the tees. If it was a hole I needed to shape it right to left, I hit my 3-wood and leave myself a longer shot and stuck with that game plan all week and just had a really good week.
DOUG MILNE: We'll take a few questions.

Q. Has there been one particular part of your game that you felt has held you back?
DAVID TOMS: I think the mental part, to be quite honest with you. I wasn't able to put four rounds together. Seemed like I had a good round every week or had a lot of good holes during a round and I would give it back.
Even last week in the PGA I was in great position going to Sunday and had a great day. That's the way every week seemed to go. It was starting to wear on me. I stayed focused and patient and, you know, finally there I was at the end with a chance to win.

Q. It seemed like right after you sunk the birdie on 18, Arjun moved right ahead of you. How quickly did you find out about that?
DAVID TOMS: Right after I signed my card. I was thinking about going to the range. When he got -- when he got to 20-under and they said he had a 15-footer on 17, I just went in the clubhouse and tried to cool off.
I didn't sits down. I stayed on my feet. And I was ready to go to the range if need be, but good for him. I know it's tough to get that first victory.
I can remember back in '97 when I was trying to win for the first time. And he had a tough hole to play. 18, he saw what Justin Leonard did. You drive it in the rough and he had to lay up.
Arjun made a great play, hit it over the green where he knew he could get up and down and still made a great putt. That's a tough thing. I'm sure that he was battling some nerves and to pour it in from whatever he had, six, eight feet on the last hole is pretty impressive.
DOUG MILNE: All right. David, we appreciate your time as always.
DAVID TOMS: Go to the airport.

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