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August 22, 2010

David Toms


Q. What a finish.
DAVID TOMS: I knew I had to make that putt to have any chance at all and just one of those kind of putts, I felt good over it, right to left, uphill putt. You can be aggressive with those. Perfect speed and perfect line.

Q. When you watch it, first of all, when you're out there and seeing people going low on the front-9, everybody sort of stayed round that 18 number.
DAVID TOMS: I knew it was going to take a good score watching guys play this morning and I thought greens are a little -- not quite as smooth for us in the afternoon.
Still, you're going to have to play well and you know, I did, I really didn't get anything going on the back-9. I turned at 4-under and three-putted 10 and kind of lost my momentum. Came back and hit some good quality shots coming in and made that big putt.

Q. How does that feel to finish like that?
DAVID TOMS: It's been a long time. I had three 2nds last year where I had a chance to the very last hole a couple times. I felt it then but since then, I haven't this whole year. It's nice to get that.

Q. The backside at one point you were tied with six other golfers. Were you aware of your position?
DAVID TOMS: Not really until the last couple holes. I knew that I needed to shoot a low score. I turned at 4-under and was in good shape and three-putted 10, kind of lost my momentum there. Didn't do much until 15, I hit a great second shot on 15 and made birdie and then made a long putt at 16 and I felt I had to be somewhere close and then I looked up and saw what was going on.

Q. How much fun was it being in a shoot-out with many other players or is it?
DAVID TOMS: It's fun. It's fun for me to be a part of it. It's been a long year this year. I haven't experienced being in it since last year. It feels good to see what I can do under pressure, what my thought process, do I get nervous. I felt like I held up well.

Q. How about the final hole?
DAVID TOMS: Great job. Over 500 yards. Long par 4. I had 182 to the flag. Didn't quite turnover. I had a 6 iron. Came up short. One of those uphill right to left putts you can be aggressive with. Came out perfect.

Q. Lot of guys go to The Playoffs took this week off. You obviously didn't. Feel like maybe you have some momentum going to New Jersey?
DAVID TOMS: Trying to play. Trying to get in the tournaments. I knew I would be in the first one but after that there was no guarantee that I'd be in another tournament so I didn't want to quite hang it up yet for the year.

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