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August 22, 2010

Drew Weaver


Q. Drew, nice finish.
DREW WEAVER: It was. It could have been a little better but you could say that about every round. I got off to a good start and unfortunate to bogey 18 but I got a really solid week and I felt like I've learned a lot.

Q. Talk about the confidence level now, what you feel like putting together four good rounds.
DREW WEAVER: Lot of self-gratification. I feel like I worked hard for this week and it's been a goal of mine to play well here and so, yes, I took a lot of confidence away from this week for sure.

Q. We were with you at 9 when you hit the approach shot. People were clapping. Kind of unusual for you because there's not a lot of crowds where you play. People were noticing your play.
DREW WEAVER: I played out here a good bit. I like the crowds. Great how people watch you play and get great reaction when you hit good shots. I think it's definitely a plus.

Q. Lot of support here. Good gallery.
DREW WEAVER: Crowd has been great, galleries rears have been huge. I couldn't ask for more from the fans.

Q. I wonder, who is carrying your clubs for you?
DREW WEAVER: My good friend, Gator Todd. He's from Alabama originally but lives at Sea Island, now.

Q. Mark, you appreciate a little bit because without him you wouldn't get a chance the play in week.
DREW WEAVER: Mark Brazil is a great guy, great friend. He's been awfully nice to me to give me two shots here in the last three years and I can't say enough about how great he's been to me and this spot means a lot to me, playing this week, playing just getting a chance -- getting a start, getting a tee time on Thursday was a huge honor and awesome to be able to play in front of a home town crowd.

Q. I heard Mark say you belong out here. You do now. You have the confidence knowing you can get through Qualifying School, you do belong. You sure can play.
DREW WEAVER: I do feel that way, yes. Whether I need some time on the Nationwide Tour or not, that's to be determined, but I feel like I've grown a lot this year. My game has gotten a lot better. I take a lot of confidence away from this week like I said before.

Q. You said you learned a lot this week. What did you learn?
DREW WEAVER: I learned that I belong out here. It took me awhile to make a cut in an actual Tour event. Make the cut in the Open last year was great but to have so many close calls, it gets very frustrating but Friday was a big day, yesterday was a big day and I played well again today. I take a lot of positives away from this week.

Q. Little bit disappointing, you had a couple of birdie putts on the back.
DREW WEAVER: Yeah. I did. I hit a lot of good shots today. Got a quick start, 2-under through 3 and could have been a really low one. Golf is like that sometimes. You kind of stall out unfortunately and I did, but managed to hang in there and just played a really solid round. Could have been 4, 5-under but barring the bogey on the last, it was really good.

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