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August 22, 2010

Webb Simpson


Q. On 12 you were over on the right-hand side, downhill lie, not a lot or room to work with. I think you almost holed it out.
WEBB SIMPSON: It one hopped into the pin and kind of looked around the hole. I was fortunate to get out with a par.

Q. You need things like that when you're playing a solid lid around. And at the 18th hole you had that putt for 62 and definitely gave it a run.
WEBB SIMPSON: I had a good line on it. When I hit it, I thought it was in but kind of stayed out but I'm just thankful and, you know, I want to thank God because it's been a tough year for me and I just, you know, been able to fight through it and have a good tournament feels great.

Q. I watched you. Great comeback at the end of your 3rd round to salvage a lot of birdies to carry that into the final round, great tournament.
WEBB SIMPSON: I don't know. I think my start, pretty much -- I had a few bogies there yesterday. I told myself coming in yesterday I was playing good so, yeah, just keep going.

Q. A little difference between today and yesterday. What was the big difference between yesterday's 3rd round 71 and today's 63?
WEBB SIMPSON: I had, you know two shots yesterday that went left and wasn't able to get it up and down and made a double on 6. Yesterday was a pretty tough start.
Today was a little better. But luckily yesterday I was able to hang in there and make three birdies coming in and I knew if I could just hang around, I was playing good enough to where anything could happen today.

Q. You already are in the FedExCup Playoffs starting today, made a huge move in points as of right now. What does that do for your confidence going in, especially when you played well at The Barclays last year?
WEBB SIMPSON: Feels great. I set some goals this past week of what I want to do the rest of the year, remotivate myself because for me it's a long year. I get a little golfed out.
But I'm ready to go and do more of a pep talk than anything else. My wife and I sat down one night and figured out some goals for the rest of the year. It was a good start to what we want to accomplish.

Q. What do you carry from this week into The Playoffs now? You're getting pretty close to be able to be clear for a couple weeks.
WEBB SIMPSON: I think the important thing for me to get keep going and keep the long-term goal in my head as opposed to playing good and hoping to get to next week. If I ever accomplish what I want to get down workwise and with my swing, who knows how far we can go.

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