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August 21, 2010

Drew Weaver


Q. We're joined by Mr. 64 today, Drew Weaver sitting down with us. Your day is already done. Congratulations. Great 2-ball you guys had going today.
DREW WEAVER: Thank you. It was a great day and we played fast and the golf was really, really good.

Q. When did you know that it was going to be a special day early on for you or I know Kevin made birdie at number 1.
When did you kind of have a feeling we can do something special today?
DREW WEAVER: Kevin had it going early and I three-putted 1 and only turned at 1-under. Wasn't hitting too many great putts. I had a lot of chances but couldn't get the ball in the hole.
Found a little key on 10 and made a good par save and reeled off four in a row and could have had a couple more but pleased to get one on 18 for sure.

Q. Take us back to yesterday afternoon coming down the stretch, trying to make the cut in the PGA TOUR event. You bogey 12 and 13. You got to make one coming in. Did you know?
DREW WEAVER: Yesterday -- I've been in this position a hole bunch. I was fighting a lot of demons yesterday. I missed a couple of cuts by one and another one by two out here. It's certainly tough.
I had this issue on the Mini Tour earlier this year and overcame it and I missed a 2-footer and 4-footer on 12 and 13 so it wasn't like I was playing bad golf. Kind of happened.
Made a good par save on 14 from about ten feet and then didn't look at any boards all day and on 15 tee asked my caddy what we needed to get to and I thought it would be 4, 5, to be honest with you, but thankfully it was 3 and just stepped up and made some good swings and somehow I was able to get it at 3-under.

Q. Yesterday was a special day, indeed. You wore my pink shirt.
DREW WEAVER: Nice, thank you.

Q. We explained to our listeners that you had asked people to wear a pink shirt for breast cancer awareness because your mother, who is successfully battling breast cancer.
What made you say, "You know what, let's take this public, let's gets the word out"?
A Well, you know, it's something that I thought about almost as soon as I got a spot. You know, my mom is such a big part of my life and such a strong person and, you know, she's affected but there's thousands if not millions of people across the world affected by breast cancer and just to have a day.
I know they have a day at Colonial for Phil's wife but to have a day where we could have all local support -- and I didn't know that Mark Brazil and the Tournament Directors would send memos out to the players but they did that. That was unbelievable.
It was really a powerful day. I'm glad I was able to play decent so it wouldn't be any negative stain on it but it was a great day. It was a lot of emotion out there and it was incredible to see all the support, all the pink.

Q. How much did that mean to your mom, what happened yesterday?
DREW WEAVER: I think it meant the world to her, you know. She's like, I said before, a stronger person than I've ever met and she's had some complications with her surgeries and, you know, she's stayed strong throughout and she has a great mindset and if she's going -- when she beats this cancer, which we hope that she has, you know, it's more about her beating it mentally, and the doctors are fantastic but she's so strong and I think yesterday was great for her to see all the support but not only for her, like I said before, for everybody else that's affected because it's certainly widespread.

Q. Being a local kid it's hard enough to make the cut in a PGA TOUR event and to play well on a Saturday. It's a whole different animal to do it in your home town or right down the street from your home town, in this case.
Feel any extra pressure this week?
DREW WEAVER: I certainly felt pressure yesterday just because it was just self-imposed, though. Two putts. I played really steady golf.
Thankfully, I've been hitting it well for quite awhile and putting is starting to come around. It's more of a positive pressure, positive emotion from all the support and all the fans and that's certainly a huge bonus in a week like this.
But to shoot 64 today was pretty awesome to get it -- you know, my goal this week is to get in the Top-10 and so I can keep playing out here because that's where I want to be and that's what I work for.
I've worked hard for this week and almost made the cut at Greenbrier but to have -- I've known that I've had this week for a few months now and for everything that I put into it, it's nice to see some results.

Q. So many good things have happened to you recently and in recent years with the British Amateur win. You mentioned your mom's battle with cancer.
You've also been tested I guess a lot, your mental toughness. You battled adversity. We mentioned Virginia Tech Hokie. You were there April, 2007.
Something I know that probably sticks with you to this day. How has that changed you, helped mold you as far as over these last? Few years. I'm sure it's something that's on your mind everyday.
DREW WEAVER: Sure. Whether you realize it or not, those things are always in the back of your mind and, you know, if I don't have any perspective by now, I'm never going to have it.

Q. Great answer.
DREW WEAVER: So I certainly feel blessed to have, you know, good perspective on life in general and I think you certainly need it when you play this game for a living. There's so many ups and downs it will drive you crazy if you don't watch out.
I've got -- I think it's important to keep your values, keep your faith and keep your family and if you have those, then you should be happy no matter what you shoot.

Q. One of the keys to being successful out here is feeling like you belong, like you're good enough to be a part of the PGA TOUR and then, as that progresses, a winner on the PGA TOUR.
What does this week do in that frame?
DREW WEAVER: Well, it's certainly big for validation, self-validation. I feel like I've played well enough to -- you know, I've been out here, I've been fortunate to play. This is my 10th start on either the PGA, European or Nationwide Tour and so to have played well in spurts previously was good but it's tough to build on, missed cuts.
It's a huge challenge. And to make a cut yesterday and to play like I did today when I wasn't even really thinking about it, when I felt so much more at ease than I did yesterday, it means a lot to me and I certainly feel like I do belong out here and I think it's just a matter of time before I am out here full-time.

Q. And you made the cut at the U.S. Open at the hardest golf course on the planet in horrible conditions. Was a clubhouse leader at one point early. One under par. You lead the U.S. Open.

Q. How much fun are you having?
DREW WEAVER: Having a blast.

Q. How many of your friends -- I've been in this situation. How many of your friends got up at 7 and came out here to watch you this morning?
DREW WEAVER: Well, I rode over here with my caddy, Gator Todd, he and I are great friends. We spend a lot of time together back at Sea Island and he's been great to caddy for me.
And one of my other buddies, Andy "Schlemmer", picked up my girlfriend at 5:45. It was an early morning but like when you have something good to look forward to, getting up that early is not that big of a deal.

Q. It's not that big a deal for you but it is a big deal for them having to get up on a Saturday morning.
DREW WEAVER: They're troopers, great support.

Q. Lot at stake for you now, Drew, this weekend. You worked your way inside the Top 10. Tell us about Sunday. What do you expect?
DREW WEAVER: It's going to be a great day. I'm sure there will be a lot of fans out here and the roars will be a little louder but --
Q. You're not teeing off at 7:10.
DREW WEAVER: No, thank goodness. I need some rest. There's a lot of positive things that can come out of tomorrow and I'm going to do my best to stay in my process and to not get too caught up in what's going on around me or what position I'm in or what anybody else is doing so I just need to keep hitting my shots, staying in my process and it sounds like kind of cliche.
You know, John, you've been out here. You got to take it one at a time and that's what I did today, that's why I did so well.

Q. They call it the Sea Island Mafia down there. I call Mac Barnhardt the concierge of the Sea Island Mafia.
How big an asset is it to have that community down there with Davis Love, Jonathan Byrd, you can -- we can spend ten minutes listing the players who either live there, or to be able to play practice rounds in shorts and hear what they have to say about golf and life? How big an asset is that?
DREW WEAVER: It's been unbelievable. Mac, he's a great agent. I feel very, very honored to be in Crown Sports Management.

Q. He won't have me.
DREW WEAVER: But I decided to move down there. It was pretty much a no-brainer when I decided to sign with them and decided to move down.
I moved down in January and started working with Mark Love on my swing and Mark's seen a lot of good golf shots in his life and we made some changes and earlier in the late winter, took sometime for things to come around but they did and they have and you know I really put a lot of trust into Mac and Jimmy Johnston and Jason Hodges and everyone down there.
And so on that side I feel like I've surrounded myself with a really great group of people. Randy Myers is an unbelievable trainer and I feel like that's a huge asset for me as well.

Q. Way too much energy.
DREW WEAVER: He's got a lot of energy, yeah. But, you know, like you said, hanging around with guys like Jonathan Byrd and Davis Love and Lucas Glover and Brandt Snedeker, it's a huge plus to get to pick their brains, and even up and coming guys like Chris Kirk, one of my great friends. He's had an unbelievable year on the Nationwide Tour.
I'm a big believer in you become who you surround yourself with and that's why I'm down there and that's why I've surrounded myself with these people and so I think I've done a good job of it and I feel very blessed to have them around me and to give me advice and support.

Q. Well, Drew Weaver, you certainly got it done on the golf course today, 64 along side Kevin's 61. Like John said, you've got a later tee time on Sunday. Good luck to you. We'll be watching you.
DREW WEAVER: Thanks for having me.

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