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August 20, 2010

Andy Murray


M. FISH/A. Murray
6-7, 6-1, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk about how you felt and the conditions.
ANDY MURRAY: Just tired. It's nothing more than that really.

Q. How long will it take you to recover from this physically?
ANDY MURRAY: Few days probably. Not too long, I wouldn't have thought.

Q. Going through there, you're trying to obviously manage your time or your energy in the third set tiebreak. You were trying to push and make a run there. Was it 5-All where you missed, almost barely missed the pass on the forehand side? Do you remember that point?

Q. Okay. What are you trying to get through there at that moment?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I mean, there's like five minutes left, so you just try and finish the match as strong as you can. But still, you know, even in the third set I wasn't really using my legs at all on my serve. It was all arm.
Every time there was a long point, I felt tired for two or three points afterwards. When you get to the end of the match, you just try and finish as best you can.

Q. Do you feel like you've had enough matches? Even though you didn't win the tournament...
ANDY MURRAY: I've had more than enough matches before the US Open, I think. It's more than enough, yeah.

Q. Did you get a sense of Fish's level, his improvements?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, he's a good player obviously. But, you know, I can only talk for myself. And the fact that I nearly won the match today I think was a very good effort considering the circumstances.

Q. Was there a point where you were thinking about whether you could continue on?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, you always try and finish matches. I think I've pulled out of maybe one match, two matches out of over 300 or something on the tour.
But, yeah, it does cross your mind a little bit when you're kind of struggling like that. But, you know, the doctor and the physio, did a good job with the ice and cooling me down a little bit.

Q. What do you tell yourself when you're approaching that physical wall to fight through it, the fatigue?
ANDY MURRAY: You know, I put in a lot work off the court. I've worked as hard as I can to get in really good shape.
You know, I don't think -- you know, most of the guys, if they were in my position, would have been feeling exactly the same way, if not worse. I just tried to fight as much as I could, and nearly won.

Q. You were saying yesterday that you wanted, if possible, as late as possible. You were out there again early. Were you disappointed with the scheduling?
ANDY MURRAY: Um, I think you guys can decide that. If you ask for a late match and you're put on first, that's not -- that's pretty -- I don't ever request really when to play. I don't make many demands at all during the tournaments.
I just thought yesterday was a pretty fair one.

Q. Have you ever made requests like that here in the past?

Q. Did the organizers give you any explanation?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, they said that because Fish had to play doubles, they wanted us to play early. But I'm not sure the way the tennis works -- I don't think matches should be scheduled around the doubles, because it's the singles that's on the TV.
I was more than happy to play on the Grandstand Court. Wasn't really a problem.

Q. And you had that discussion with them?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. I spoke to them straight after the match yesterday, yeah.

Q. In hindsight, has it been a useful week for you, are you a bit more tired?
ANDY MURRAY: Physically it will have been very good for me before the US Open. I'm gonna be fresh when I get there, but I've played three long matches, two to 7-6 in the third, and another three-setter in the first round was definitely beneficial.
I just would have liked to have been given a better opportunity to recover.

Q. Going forward it's pretty difficult obviously. You won last week and this is another 1000. Would you like to see a week in between spacing these two out?
ANDY MURRAY: No. I'm happy for them to be back-to-back. Just a little bit more common sense with the schedule, I think.

Q. Where will you spend the next week?
ANDY MURRAY: I'll go to New York. I have a few sponsor things to do there. Then, yeah, I'll just -- I might spend a little bit of time outside of the city, because it gets pretty busy there.
Can be a long few weeks. I'll go to New York tomorrow probably.

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