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August 19, 2010

Ernests Gulbis


A. MURRAY/E. Gulbis
4-6, 6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think the difference was today in your match? It was very close.
ERNESTS GULBIS: Difference was that I was serving really bad today, much worse than yesterday and the day before. Served like seven double faults and didn't get any timing from my first serve. I served like 50 something percent, so that was the main difference.
I think if I will play the same from baseline but serve like I do normally, I would probably win in two sets.

Q. The overhead in the tiebreak, was the sun in your eyes or were you affected by anything?
ERNESTS GULBIS: Yeah, it was sun in my eye.

Q. Your return game also looked like it might have been a little bit off. Was his serve doing anything unusual?
ERNESTS GULBIS: His serve was just super slow. It was like ten times slower. And also, the courts here are strange, because court No. 3 is like ice; I played yesterday with Melzer. Okay, he's playing a little bit more fast than Murray, he's playing more flat.
I mean, it was much tougher to return and it was much faster everything. Center court is three times slower. I don't know how it's possible in a tournament every court is different.
So of course he had a better position because he played already there. I didn't play on center court. Now I go and I play match. Okay, it didn't affect me, not like --I started well. But anyway, I think it's strange.

Q. You really started off well against Murray. Did you feel he was a bit sluggish to start the match?
ERNESTS GULBIS: I don't pay attention to my opponent. I pay attention to myself. I serve good, I'm happy; I serve bad, I'm pissed. I don't look how is he, is he ready or not. The score was 4-1 in the start, so I was happy, playing well, and that's it.
I cannot commentate his performance.

Q. You've had a bit of an up and down. Your results were starting to come back in the spring, and then I think you missed Wimbledon. How are you feeling now about your game? Is it starting to come back?
ERNESTS GULBIS: I think you see how I play, so what do you think? It's coming back or no?

Q. I thought you looked pretty good today.
ERNESTS GULBIS: Thank you. I'll take that. I think the same. I'm playing better and better every week. I feel better and better every week.
In L.A. I felt terrible. In Washington I retire. In Toronto in the third set against Soderling I was cramping, and now it was like three matches, all of them I felt physically well, mentally well.
I don't feel the ball perfect now, but slowly gets back. So it's good.

Q. What do you want to improve upon as you get ready for the US Open?
ERNESTS GULBIS: Just my physical side to get ready to play more than three hours, because now I'm pretty good to play two and a half.
But, yeah, I'm going tomorrow to Miami where it's really hot and humid just to work good for maybe five, six days. Then I'm gonna fly to New York Thursday or even Friday.
Because I love New York, but I don't want to stay there too many days before tournament.

Q. Also, your breakpoints converted, you were just 3 of 9 today. Was anything in particular going on there that made that difficult for you to convert?
ERNESTS GULBIS: Well, 3 of 9, how much is it, 30%? It's okay. It's not bad. I made three breaks against No.4 in the world. Let's take the positive side, not the negative.

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