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August 19, 2010

Philipp Kohlschreiber


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk a little bit about the right shoulder injury, when it flared up, you know, what happened.
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Yeah, I think it was maybe two days ago when I felt first a little bit stiffness and soreness. Well, I was not thinking bad things about it. I was with the doctors, with the trainers, did treatment. They said, Yeah, it's sore, but should be okay.
Yeah, it was yesterday during the match I felt bit pain in the beginning, then it was gone. But I never felt really comfortable with the shoulder.
After this, I did my normal procedure, you know, taking tablets, doing the things to recover. And, yeah, starting today, this morning, everything looks quite well, and then start to make the smash on the serve, and everything above the shoulder is like hurting pretty much.
So I was going again to the doctor. I said, Hey, well, it's really bad. Can we do something? He tried to mobilize to do more and more, and I was again out to see if it's getting better. It didn't really made a big step forward.
So, yeah, I think it's the right decision. We think all it's nothing really damage really big. But, yeah, in case we go for MRI to make sure everything.
I don't feel to go on court if I cannot serve at all, so I think it makes, I think, no sense to do it.

Q. So have you had an MRI or is it scheduled?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: No, I'm going now. Like I said, until this morning I didn't feel any real big problem. When I start to serve, then everything came quite soon.

Q. Have you had any injuries in that shoulder before?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Well, I think everybody has some weeks where their shoulder hurts, but I never had a major problem with the shoulder.
I don't know. I played a lot of matches. I was playing good the last couple of weeks, so maybe it comes from there. I don't know. So many, many things. Maybe I switch or I change a little bit my serve. Maybe it comes from there.
So always reasons. You never know 100% sure.

Q. Are you disappointed you won't have your match against Federer?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Yeah, for sure I'm disappointed. I think was just a great match. It's always fun to play on the center court, and even that we practice, you know, before, we made little bit together the preparation on hardcourts.
I had nice talks and nice experiences with him, and I think it would be just a really nice, yeah, match competition I was looking for. Unfortunately not this time. Hopefully I can win couple of matches to get the next try.

Q. Did you inform Roger personally, or did you talk to him?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Everything came quite fast I would say, because after the second time I went out, went back, then I was thinking a little bit for myself. After five minutes I made the decision that it makes no sense to go on court.
I went to the doctor, and I think five minutes later Roger was already in the locker room so then it came up.

Q. So they don't know if it impacts your status for the Open yet?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Well, I don't think that way. That's why we make everything clear with the MRI and a couple of days of rest. Should be for sure should be okay, and hopefully then I'm 100% fit for the Open.

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