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August 19, 2010

Mardy Fish


M. FISH/R. Gasquet
7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Initially you looked a little jumpy out there, testy maybe, really trying to get the break, searching for it. At some point, maybe 3-All, 4-3, at that point you started to calm down a little bit and you got into a real good spot. Explain what...
MARDY FISH: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I felt good. I'm not sure if I looked testy. I certainly felt fresh and confident. You know, I had 15-40 in the second serve game that he had, and was in most of his serve games.
I served great today and really was able to, you know, neutralize my serve games and hold with relative ease. I didn't have any breakpoints against, and served 18 aces in just a few games.
So it was as clean of a match that I'll play, probably.

Q. Would you call it sort of the zone on your service games?
MARDY FISH: Today, probably, yeah. I mean, I was in a really nice rhythm. You know, sort of had a real good picture of what I wanted to do, you know, with every serve, and most of 'em went in.

Q. What steps do you take to get there?
MARDY FISH: Well, I struggled with my serve in D.C. and in Atlanta, to be honest. I haven't served nearly as good as I have here.
You know, I've put in a lot of work with it, you know, with the rhythm of the serve. A lot of times when I get out of -- you know, when I serve a low percentage, it's the rhythm that really sort of feels off.
I've been able to use the doubles this week to sort of get that back, as well as in D.C. to sort of get the rhythm of serve back.

Q. Murray/Gulbis, any preference?
MARDY FISH: I've never played Gulbis before. Obviously Murray is playing as good as anyone is right now. I've beaten him the last two times we played, so he's certainly one of the toughest outs there is out here.
You know, both of them will be favored over me, so I'm in a good spot.

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