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August 19, 2010

Bob Estes


Q. Just talk about getting through out there and getting a good score on the board.
BOB ESTES: I got off to fast start. I birdied four of the first five holes. I was playing with Jay Williamson. We got off to a fast start.
The greens are soft and slow. It's easier to get the ball close to the hole if you're playing from the fairway. You can be more aggressive putting.

Q. Do you get frustrated over a round if you go out so hot and sort of have to get through the rest of the round without a lot of birdies?
BOB ESTES: It can. It's still so nice to get off to a fast start. Even if you make a couple bogies the rest of the way you're going to make a couple birdies, also. That's kind of what I did. I was obviously hoping to get the lowest score. Didn't hit enough fairways overall to really keep it going.

Q. Are you one of the guys, sort of guys into the idea if the group is playing well, you can sort of play well, too, and sort of get momentum as a group to believe in?
BOB ESTES: Sometimes. That usually pertains to everybody in the group playing well and Robert Gamez got off to a really slow start. He wasn't playing well early but he did on the back-9 for the most part.
Sometimes that can make a difference. But I've been playing better lately so it was more of the fact that I was just more comfortable with what I was doing and I'm starting to play better.

Q. Jay was saying to us that the greens are actually playing so slow that that's making it harder because the wetness and they were getting ready for hot heat.
BOB ESTES: Yeah. Probably a little bit slower with the moisture on the green. They're having to leave the grass longer so it doesn't die. Yeah, you can be more aggressive putting but we're so used to faster greens. Lot of times you're going to leave a couple short like Jay did on last hole.

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