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August 18, 2010

Mark Brazil

Rick George

Stephen Holmes

Bobby Long

Davis Love III

Brandt Snedeker


MARK BRAZIL: Welcome to the Wyndham Championship. We've got some great news to announce today and we're very excited about this as well as our relationship with Wyndham.
First off, first teeing off, CEO, Chairman of Wyndham Worldwide, Mr. Stephen Holmes. Steve.
STEPHEN HOLMES: Thanks Mark, and thanks to everybody for coming today. Four years ago we started on a journey with the new company trying to find a way, find a platform to get our name out to the public and also do it in a way that honored one of our core values, which is to give back to the community.
And we found ourselves some great friends in the PGA TOUR and the Foundation here in the Piedmont-Triad area and embarked on an adventure called the Wyndham Championship. It has been a great ride. We've all, I think, benefited greatly from it.
We're very proud to announce today that we've taken our option to extend the relationship for two additional years. So we're here for two more years.
It's just really something special when you have people who have a shared vision for what you're trying to accomplish and that's really what we have here with the PGA TOUR and with everybody at the Foundation.
It really is a terrific experience for us. We've enjoyed it. We look forward to extending it for another two years. Thank you very much and, Mark, thank you.
MARK BRAZIL: Speaking on behalf of the PGA TOUR, the Chief Operating Officer, Rick George.
RICK GEORGE: On behalf of the PGA TOUR and our players, Steve, thank you to you and Wyndham Worldwide for extending their sponsorship commitment here in the Piedmont-Triad region for the next two years. We appreciate it very much. They've been a great partner of the PGA TOUR and we're looking forward to working with them to deliver the Wyndham experience for the next two years.
I also like to recognize the outstanding work of the Piedmont-Triad Charitable Foundation and Chairman Bobby Long, who, as well as Tournament Director Mark Brazil.
When you combine the passion that Bobby has, the experience and the expertise that Mark has and you bring in a sponsor like Wyndham, you get a great team that does significant things for the community, for the charity and for the events. So we appreciate what all of you do to make this happen.
The tournament continues to do a great job supporting the charities throughout the area, including Victory Junction, The First Tee of Triad and the Piedmont-Triad Partnership and this event has raised over 10 million for charities over last several years. We're proud of their accomplishments.
The Wyndham Championship has a long, proud history dating back to 1938 and each year this event continues to get better and better, and I can tell you since Wyndham has been involved, it continues to get increasingly better each and every year.
As the final regular season event, the Wyndham Championship has generated considerable drama and coverage as players vie to solidify their position in the Top 125 and improve their seeding for the FedExCup.
As an example, at this event last year, we saw Sergio Garcia enter the event last year amidst some great young players and veteran stars and sponsors like Wyndham Worldwide.
I would like to thank Steve Holmes and Wyndham Worldwide for their continued support of the Wyndham Championship and, as I said earlier, they are a great partner and we're excited about the extension of this sponsorship.
Finally, also want to thank all of you for sharing in this exciting news. And these two players will be a part of the field of 156 that's going to provide great drama and great competition at Sedgefield Country Club over the next several years.
Thanks again Steve and Wyndham for your support. Thanks for being here.
BOBBY LONG: Thank you very much. Obviously we are beyond thrilled to have Wyndham with us. We set an objective from day one of A-plus, plus, plus, plus and Wyndham has exceeded that and then some.
And so we want to thank everyone involved with Wyndham and could not be more thankful that you are partnering with us and thrilled about it. Thank you so much.
MARK BRAZIL: Next up, our 2007 Wyndham Championship winner, Mr. Brandt Snedeker. Brandt.
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Thanks. Obviously this is a very close place in my heart, my first win and give me a chance to get my second one.
I've been involved with the people at Wyndham now as a couple years. They've been a great group of people, Steve and everybody. They have been working on it, trying to be able to get them to sign up for a couple more years to keep the tournament here, really help out with the charities in Greensboro. I'm excited about it and hopefully can give them something to cheer on this week. Hopefully try to win this tournament for the second time would be great. Thank you very much.
MARK BRAZIL: Our 2006 champion, Mr. Davis Love, III.
DAVIS LOVE, III: I agree with Brandt. It's exciting to keep this tournament going here. Wyndham has been a great partner with the PGA Tour.
I've been on the Board off and on my whole career. I know how hard it is to keep a tournament tradition going like this.
I was driving up today with my mom and she reminded me of me coming here when I was a kid, my dad coming here to play at Sedgefield. So it's a thrill for me to get to make that full circle all the way from playing one of my very first Tour events at Forest Oaks, all the way to playing back at Sedgefield where my dad got to compete.
So, we thank Wyndham for keeping that tradition going, for players like me and young players like Brandt, and we certainly appreciate the tradition of this golf course and of this tournament and Wyndham's support.
I'm lucky to be a two-time champion of this event but I haven't won on this course yet so Brandt has got to watch out, still working on that and I'm involved in a new PGA TOUR event and I know how hard it is to get it going, I know what it means to the charities.
I know what it means to Victory Junction Gang which is a camp that's close to our heart. We supported that for a long time through motorcycle riding. It's great to be able support it through golf as well.
In fact, my son ran into the King yesterday over at Tanglewood, was thrilled to talk to him about the Victory Junction Gang.
Hopefully Wyndham will continue on until my son is old enough to come back and try to play in this tournament as well. Great tradition and great club and great sponsor, great charitable organization makes for a great tournament and I'm thrilled to be here again playing. Thank you.
MARK BRAZIL: Thank you, Davis. And open for questions and answers. Wait for the microphones.

Q. Keeping the tournament here at Sedgefield, also; is that correct?
MARK BRAZIL: That is correct. Any others?

Q. With the extension, are the terms pretty much the same in terms of purse for the next two years or is that going to increase?
MARK BRAZIL: I will speak on the first. I -- the purse will go up -- go up a hundred thousand dollars, go to 5.2 for the next two years. We don't talk about the terms. We won't talk about the terms.

Q. You mentioned that you knew about this for sometime; that this was obviously an announcement you were hoping to make and had known about it for sometime. Can you say how long ago this was signed, sealed and delivered?
I know the announcement is coming down now. How long have most of the folks sitting up here known about it?
MARK BRAZIL: It's something we've been working on. Again, I think we said we feel confident about where we're going. We're being honest about that. You know, it's never a done deal until it's signed and it was just recently signed over the last three, four days. That's it. Everyone here will be around for one-on-ones.
Thank you so much for coming. We appreciate you being part of our great announcement. Thank you.

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