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August 15, 2010

Zach Johnson


Q. (Inaudible.)
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, yeah, I mean it's -- it's not a birdie hole. There's going to be birdies there but it's not a birdie hole. Specifically with that pin.
So I know it sounds cliche but my goal on that hole outside of being in the fairway, which I had to do again was to give myself a chance at a three. I'm not trying to stuff it, I'm just trying to give myself an opportunity to make a three and I didn't have that, really, so I still, I didn't leave my third shot short, which is good.
But I still managed to make a four. Which I'm very, very happy with that. That's a net three.

Q. How did you feel out there with all the movement going on, guys up, guys down it seemed look a whirlwind?
ZACH JOHNSON: The only movement I was seeing was just me. I glanced at the board on just probably on 8 and saw that our leader unfortunately was slipping, and that after that I didn't look until I think it was 17 green. So I mean that was pretty just pretty pleased to keep the golf course in front of me and hopefully make some putts and see what happened. But I'm going to come up short, one, maybe even two shots short. Probably two shots short. I figured if you got to 12, you had a pretty good chance of winning the golf tournament. And I had my opportunity, making a bogey on the par-5, I shouldn't is made that.

Q. As a guy with one major, so many younger guys out there jockey I think for position, does around like this no matter who wins, no exceptions, does it say something about those guys that they went through all that in major?
ZACH JOHNSON: I'm not understanding your question.

Q. For these younger guys who haven't, playing a round like this?
ZACH JOHNSON: Regardless of what they shoot? Absolutely. The reason we play this game is one, because we're competitors and two, because we want to be in the heat of the battle. And to be in contention. So regardless of your age, but specifically I guess, yeah the young guys, you know, we're talking about young studs in the game. Those are the guys that we're going to see a lot of on the leaderboard. Those are the guys that we're going to see battling for these type of tournaments more often. This is only going to make them better, regardless of what they shoot.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ZACH JOHNSON: My season's not over. I felt like I played well all year, I just haven't put, with the exception of one week, put four good rounds together and coming into this week my practice rounds I just felt really, really good over the golf ball. And I hate expectations, but fortunately I didn't let those expectations drive me or lead me, I just continued to play.
As a result, I put a pretty good number. But, yeah, it's good. I mean it gives me some confidence going into the remainder of the year.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ZACH JOHNSON: It's not a links course. A links course you use the ground, you and a half a gate around, especially with your approach shots, this course entirely aerial. So I don't, I mean it may have the aesthetics of a links course with the water and the sand and whatnot, but it's not a true links golf course. I think it's good for me because it puts a premium on fairways and it puts a premium on approach shots, as far as greens in regulation, and those are two of my better stats. And obviously in a major you got to putt well and once again typically that's a strength of mine. So all three of those facets work for me and I can compete here.

Q. How much do you think this will help your Ryder Cup status?
ZACH JOHNSON: I don't know. I mean, I hope it doesn't hurt. I got a text from Corey last night saying good playing, and it's probably more of a friend because we're pretty close, specifically our family, so, you know, he's in a difficult position and regardless of what he does, I'm going to support it. One, because he is a friend and two, because I know he's going to make the right choice. But to me specifically, I got a few more weeks to prove myself and that's going to be my objective.

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