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August 15, 2010

Edoardo Molinari


Q. Still planning on week off and then Gleneagles?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Yes. I need a week off and then hopefully play well at Gleneagles and hopefully get a pick from Monty.

Q. Or get in?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Yes but I think it will be difficult at the moment but hopefully my good play this year is enough. I only started getting the points in January so it was very difficult for me as I lost four months last year so I think to be the first guy outside the automatic spots having only played eight months I hope is enough to make the team.

Q. Strong case as a World Cup winner and your brother going well and looking like being in the team?

Q. Have you spoken to Colin?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: No. I will see him at Gleneagles. It is not a course I particularly play well but there is always a first time.

Q. Are you surprised it is the last week of qualifying and there are players who are not going to be there who could impact on that?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: A little bit as Colin at the beginning of the year said he would like all the players to play Celtic Manor and Gleneagles. I will play both as I think it is good to show you are making an effort to make the team. Obviously other players have different plans.

Q. But you hope that will count in your favor?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I don't think that will make a difference but I am making every effort to make the team and that's all I can do.

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