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August 15, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Your caddie said you played awesome?
PAUL CASEY: It was quite good, but it could always be better. We had three bogeys today but it was very good and the course was very tough. Today was a huge opportunity to jump up that leaderboard as Mickelson showed this morning and I wanted to do the same. Could it be better, yes but that is the case with every round and I am happy with a 69 today.

Q. Is this your last event in Ryder Cup qualification?

Q. Can Monty change your mind?
PAUL CASEY: No, my schedule is set now. I missed out on FedEx Cup last year and the big goal for is from an individual standpoint is playing in the Tour Championship. I have never played the Tour Championship and I had a chat with Colin and explained that is a goal I want to accomplish and have a chance to win the FedEx Cup. He wished me good luck. Whoever he picks, he wants guys playing competitive golf. I don't know who he will pick, so the lip-out on the last is a bit frustrating, but I have done all I can and I fell happy with the golf I have played. Being injured last year and missing the latter half of last year it has been a very solid 2010 so far. No wins but it out of my hands.

Q. You are now close to automatic qualification but no plans to change your schedule at all?
PAUL CASEY: I have told Monty I would not be there. Gleneagles is a course I am very fond of and I have won round there twice, but having missed FedEx Cup last year through injury, that is a goal.
Also flying back and forth, I don't want to wear myself out playing too much if I do get picked. We will have to wait and see. It is out of my hands. I missed some points latter half of last year through injury but I have played some decent golf this year and I have a half decent match play record and hopefully that is enough.

Q. Was Monty happy with that?
PAUL CASEY: Yes, Colin was happy. I think he knew when he asked the question. It is difficult to say no to as Johhnie Walker are such great sponsors of the Tour and Gleneagles is a wonderful venue.

Q. But if the decision costs you your place you would be devastated?
PAUL CASEY: Yes but you don't know what will happen that week. There are always ifs and buts and if that putt had gone in on the last or the bladed sand wedge had gone in, a shot here and there. We once saw Jarrod Moseley losing his European Tour card by ten euros. It is what it is and you can't go back and dwell on things, and I have to keep my fingers crossed I have done enough.

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