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August 15, 2010

Rob Labritz


ROB LABRITZ: The week was great. You know, beyond expectations, obviously from No. 9 -- didn't strike the ball as well as I had hoped but it was great to play with Retief, a cool guy and I enjoyed the golf course. Again, just an awesome experience.
I was hunting flags early. On 1, I hit it over the green. Hunted on 3, the par 3. Didn't quite carry it far enough which resulted unfortunately in a double. But 9, another one, I hit ten feet short left of the flag and it went into a nasty lie and didn't get up-and-down.
So I was hitting the shots at the flag but unfortunately the greens were not as receptive. So a little firmer, a little faster. I just picked some bad yardages, flew the ball a little too far coming into the greens and hit it over the greens.

Q. Is this what you expected today to feel like with this wind?
ROB LABRITZ: Yeah, this is what I thought it was going to be like all week. Yesterday was the day to go low. Yesterday was the day to take advantage of this place, because the greens are really soft, and there was no wind. You know, you could see some of the guys, they shot 64, that was awesome.
Today it's going to be a little tougher, especially being Sunday, the back pins. You know, you've got to control your play, you've got to control your distances.

Q. You're the only one of 20 that made it, and with that, at accomplishment in that respect is good.
ROB LABRITZ: Yeah, I have higher goals, I played for a living at one time and I want to get back to playing. My expectations are higher, don't get me wrong, I love being one of the 20 and I love representing the PGA a of America, it's an honor. It's a big honor. Representing my section and my club, it's just great.

Q. Is it hard to come out here and compete for four days?
ROB LABRITZ: Yeah, I mean, it's harder. These guys do it every week, every day. I play every day. I practice every day, but it's not at this stage. When I played full-time on the Canadian Tour, when I played every day, scoring got a lot easier. You think a little bit better and the more you play, the better breaks you get, it seems like to me; Gary Player said that as well, the more you play, the luckier you get. If I hit quality shots, I would be right up there. I hit quality shots some long distances.

Q. When did you play?
ROB LABRITZ: I played from 2003, 2005, somewhere in there.

Q. So what's the next goal?
ROB LABRITZ: Well, I would like to win the National Club Pro. That's been the next sort of goal. I'm in the Club Pro for next year. Obviously if we can get back here, I'm going to keep my same goal since I didn't attain it, and go for the Top-15.
It's been incredible, it's been magical and the players have been totally accepting of me as a club pro and the way I like to go about things and have some fun with them. I've had a lot of support. There's a little present in my car from one of the neighbors when I woke up, which is this pink ribbon, because she knows one of my friends is struggling with breast cancer and left a shirt for my son, Mathias. Things like that, make it so special.

Q. Are you staying in a house?

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