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August 14, 2010

Rich Steinmetz


Q. Talk about your experience this week. Positive experience? What can you take from it?
RICH STEINMETZ: It was positive, yeah. I had a good time. Wasn't happy with the way I hit the ball, I kind of lost the swing a little bit, unfortunately.
But second time here, learned a little bit more, and had a great time. Great golf course, fans around here are awesome, Wisconsin people are really nice.

Q. How do you compare French Lick to Whistling Straits, obviously both Pete Dye designs, both tough golf courses, how do you compare or contrast the two?
RICH STEINMETZ: They're very similar as far as Pete Dye's design. But the settings are totally different. Lake Michigan, you have the breeze coming off the Lake Michigan and it's just a totally different atmosphere up here. It's a little bit more like a links course up here with the bunkers and everything, just the fescue, and these bunkers here are a little more ragged looking, like links courses.

Q. Obviously going forward it was good to represent the PGA of America and your section here, I'm sure, what can you take positive from this and then going forward obviously trying to qualify for this in the future?
RICH STEINMETZ: Just want to learn a little bit more about my swing. And it's tough to find a swing out here, you know what I mean, on a major championship, on this kind of golf course, so but, you know, maybe next time it will be a little easier, you know.

Q. You must be pretty proud to be a PGA professional, with the PGA of America hosting this championship and probably pretty prideful.
RICH STEINMETZ: Yeah, definitely. It's great to be here. So it's a fun event to be invited to and play in.

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