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August 14, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. Talk about just how a Pete Dye golf course plays and did you put any other extra time playing at Sawgrass or anything?
JIM FURYK: I played there for 15 years or for 14 years. So, no, I know that golf course like the back of my hand. I don't need my yardage book when I go to the PLAYERS Championship. In fact, I used to find I probably used it too much. And I step up on holes now and I know in any wind condition where I should go and how I should hit it and all that trouble and periphery and all that and the difficult look kind of fades out of my mind there, because I know where I'm supposed to put the ball and the shots I'm supposed to hit.
And when you play one of his golf courses for the first time your eyes start going out this way and you're looking at all the trouble rather than where you're supposed to put it and sometimes it's hard to figure out.
I didn't miss my second shot on 11 by that much, I picked the wrong target, it's a blind shot and I picked a target a little bit too far right, I missed right, and that put me in the rough. I was a little surprised to see it in the rough. But he's very good at setting up some difficult angles and from the tee or from the fairway you look and go, geez, there's not a lot of room out there. And when you get to the fairway or green you start looking around and go, there was plenty of room, it just, he makes it look tougher and more intimidating than it is. And I've been trying to picture some of those shots at home and try to get myself a little bit more comfortable.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: They were predicting last night that there was going to be 11:45 to 1:45. So that's going to put me somewhere 1:30 to 1:45 for the tee time. Right now it's going to be relaxing. It's going to be a long day. I'll get a bite to eat, I want to hit a few pitch shots right now to work on something, and get a bite to eat, go over to the trailers and work with one of our guys over there just to stay loose, but more than that I'll just be on my rear end with my feet kicked up, maybe watching some TV. And check the weather report and see what it's supposed to do this evening. But other than that just try to save some energy.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: 1 through 4 is the tough start. 1 is a crosswind, 2 is a par-5, but it played very long, driver, 3-wood 7-iron to it yesterday.
3 is playing tough.
4 is almost unreachable there for me in the wind. I made bogey there.
But in the back of my mind I checked the weather report, I looked at my yardage book, I saw that it was going to be tough going out, but then it turned around and you have 5, a reachable par-5.
6, I saw the tee was up on television. Guys were driving the green.
And 7 and 8 down wind, which were difficult holes, but that took a little sting out of it.
9 was playing tough in the cross wind in the hard left-to-right wind. But I knew that if I could go out and keep it around par then I could come back in, I knew I could get it under par. And I was 1-over going out and made a couple birdies, actually made three birdies in the wind with a bogey and was able to get it in under par.
So I was happy leaving here with a 35 and I was also happy to hear the horn blow and know that, checking the weather report, it was supposed to be more mild this morning and really the mosquitoes were the only thing we were worrying about this morning.

Q. Have you been able to see past the visual trickery that Pete Dye courses are known for?
JIM FURYK: You're beating that to death. It's not that interesting, trust me. Can you? I know that you have to. Put it that way. I've done better so far with it.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: In a stretch of nine holes when I thought about it, about doing that over two days. I guess that the only disappointing part is I played the par-5s one over, three pars and a bogey, which is poor. But the rest of the golf course, the other 14 holes I played beautifully and scored very well and was able to make seven birdies.
So coming in yesterday I birdied 6, good up-and-down.
I hit it close on 7.
And I hit it about 12 feet on No. 9. And to knock a birdie putt in on No. 9 and then walk up to the top of the hill and hear the horn blow is a good way to go home and I was really happy about that. But then I got off to a great start this morning birdieing I think four of the first five. Only one bogey.

Q. Did you check the weather report before you teed off yesterday or just last night when you were looking?
JIM FURYK: When I finished last night I looked at the weather report. But it wasn't going to be any worse than it was last night. So we were kind of ready for the horn to blow and you figure when you get up in the morning it's got to be better than what we're looking at right now. Plus they're going to mow the greens, get fresh greens.
But then I checked the weather report last night on the way home and saw that it was going to be sunny and only a wind of 7 when we were playing in a wind of 20 yesterday, that sounded great.

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