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August 14, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. Pretty routine bunker shot on 18.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I was telling Jim over there, I had no play straight at it. I couldn't play it. I couldn't build a stance. But because of the slice I had to play I had a stance for that. And so I went in and tried to play it and I pulled it off.

Q. What club was that?
TIGER WOODS: 5-wood.

Q. What was the distance?
TIGER WOODS: 188 to carry the front and 21 total. Sorry, 12 total.

Q. Did you think about throttling back on the back nine on the par-5s?
TIGER WOODS: I was trying to throttle back, but the club was in such a bad spot that I couldn't. I had to wheel on it just to get the thing back out in front of me. So it's not where I need to have it, not where I want to have it, so as soon as I'm done with you guys, I'll get back out there and do some work.

Q. Did you think about hitting 3-wood coming home at all?
TIGER WOODS: Not with the wind holes. I needed to get it down there to have a chance to -- even if you hit -- 16, even with 3-wood there, I can't get there in two. So I had to take a chance to get it down there.

Q. 17 was a very bold line. What did you hit there?
TIGER WOODS: A 4-iron.

Q. What's the more manageable thing, when you're hitting it great and not putting well or when you're not hitting it great, but putting as well as you did today?
TIGER WOODS: Well, as I explained earlier at Aronimink and at the British Open I was hitting it great and putting like a dog. And look where I was?
I'm not hitting it well here and I'm putting well and I'm right in the ball game.

Q. Conditions like today are there some scores to be had out there?
TIGER WOODS: With the dots where they are for this afternoon, there's some really tough pins, but there's some pretty accessible pins. Pins that you can take, be pretty aggressive at and you'll probably see some pretty good scores this afternoon.

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