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August 13, 2010

Chip Sullivan


Q. Here with Chip Sullivan, and first of all, can you compare Whistling Straits to the Pete Dye course, French Lick?
CHIP SULLIVAN: Well, they are both very visually intimidating. I can tell Pete Dye designed both of them and requires just some good shot-making, and if you get astray a little too much, you're going to pay the price.
I love both courses, and obviously, this course, I didn't hit the ball well here and I paid the place. That's what I like so much about these courses is that it demands and requires good shot-making to get around this course and you can't let up around anything or it will bite you.
Just one of those weeks where I didn't have it. I didn't feel comfortable taking off too much time with some injuries, and just mentally if physically didn't have the swing that I had in 2004 here, that's for sure.

Q. Can you take us through your first couple of rounds, was it tough to get into a rhythm either because of the injuries or weather delays or otherwise?
CHIP SULLIVAN: Well, you know, I don't know. Just some days, I can feel my swing, and it all falls in sync and the ball goes where I'm looking right where it's going -- where it's supposed to go.
But this week, I looked up and this was way off course, and when you hit a few errant shots like that on this course, it makes you very hesitant and tough to pull the trigger on a lot of the tougher, more difficult shots.
So when you lose a little confidence in your swing, that's when these courses will jump up and bite you, and that's what happened to me.

Q. And could you just talk a little about representing your section and representing The PGA of America here in this major championship?
CHIP SULLIVAN: No matter how badly I played, you know, I'm one of the 20 in this country, the 28,000 PGA professionals, and it's an honor to be here. I played with two excellent golfers today and they are both going to have a chance to win the tournament.
It was nice to be able to have this opportunity and I learned a lot from it and know where I need to improve on. I'm just going to cheer on my fellow PGA players this week and hope we see a bunch make the cut.

Q. Being someone who has competed in major championships before, did this one have any different feel coming into it?
CHIP SULLIVAN: No. I have more confidence going into it, but then I lost it pretty quickly when the shots started going errant.
I love this course. You know, even though I played badly, I treat it as one of the best courses I've ever played. I'd love to come back one day and play it again. I know I can compete on it. I did well, 31st finish in 2004 on it, and this just wasn't my week.

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