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August 13, 2010

Mitch Lowe


Q. You finished 4-over.
MITCH LOWE: Yeah, finished 4-over. Get up, warm up, wait around, warm up, wait around. Yeah, it was a long day today. Played really well. Made a double and a triple and a 5-putt. That was kind of the difference.
It was good. It was fun. A little disappointed.

Q. How was the experience of the week? What can you take from this going forward?
MITCH LOWE: I learned a lot. I played last year at Hazeltine and I learned a lot. I thought I played a lot better this year than last year.

Q. Next year, Pennsylvania?
MITCH LOWE: Yeah, I had a chance to get in the mix -- Mike Small played great in the last round, he gave a few back there for a minute and he kind of got in the mix and that was fun.
So, yeah, I think, you know, obviously finishing in the top 20, try to get back into next year's PGA. But it's nice to at least know that you get to play in the National.

Q. And build on these two experiences obviously going forward, whatever tournament play you do?
MITCH LOWE: Sure. Absolutely. It's awesome watching how these guys prepare and how they manage their games around the golf course even when they are not playing very good. Playing in front of the crowd, it's great.

Q. Pretty cool representing The PGA of America ?
MITCH LOWE: Yeah, very honored to be here. You know, we need some of our guys to play good. That would be nice. But it's a blast. I really had a good time.

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