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August 13, 2010

Bryce Molder


Q. What was the relative advantage of the draw this time for you?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well it's hard to say. We'll see when they get their second rounds in. Certainly if a storm comes in and they stop for a little while and then it's really nice for their round, you never know.
I think they played in some pretty good wind when they started and so we'll see if it all evens out. But it's a golf course that certainly if you're playing well at the right time you can score and if you're not, it's tough. And that's kind of links golf. And so that's what we're seeing.

Q. Greatest challenge of the start, stop, come in, turn around, of the schedule being a right mix. What's the greatest challenge?
BRYCE MOLDER: The biggest challenge is your energy level because we're so used to peaking at a certain time. There's a rhythm that we go through. But it's also when playing in the United States throughout summer and the spring, you get used to it. But it's funny, we were getting a ride out to the golf course this morning to finally play and I couldn't stop yawning and I'm going all right I got to get going.
Of course I stepped on number 7, 220 something yards with the world of water to my right, I woke up pretty quick. But that's the biggest challenge is just the rhythm.

Q. How did you get on such a run?
BRYCE MOLDER: Fortunately I got on a run at the right time, which was number 5, you turn around and you go downwind for awhile, for about 10 holes. And I hit some good shots, I hit a couple shots that were just okay that ended up good. And I made everything. And that kind of combines to some good scoring.
But also the holes I played back into the wind I played really solidly. So it was fun to make some putts.

Q. Talk about that practice round you mentioned a second ago with Kuchar earlier in the week?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well, I am never surprised by anything he does, but I played with him, with Matt on Tuesday for 18 holes and nine holes Wednesday. He had 13 birdies. Let's just say I didn't. I actually still owe him right now, but so when he -- but then I have known him long enough when he holed out 13, he was playing behind me I told the guys in my group if it was anybody else I wouldn't believe it, but it's Matt, so that was yesterday. And then he almost did it today. But I knew he was playing really well.

Q. It's kind of interesting you guys coming out of college were exhibit A and exhibit B of can't miss guys and you might have thought the story that we're going to write today would have been eight years ago?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well it's funny, everybody, we're finding out, has trouble throughout their career at some point or another. I think 15 years from now I'll feel like I was fortunate to do it early and learn and be humbled by the experience and enjoy the rest of the journey. That's really what I'm really enjoying is the last two or three years is just kind of the climb. And I don't even know where the journey ends, it never does. And it's just enjoying that.

Q. Did you expect one day when you guys were in college that maybe this day would come where y'all would be on this level?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well we thought it might happen a little sooner. Things happened. This game's tough. There's a lot of really good players. Sometimes it take as little while to figure out how to play your best, how to maximize your efforts out here and I feel like he's just hitting his stride and I feel like I'm doing the same.

Q. You guys got there at the same time at Georgia Tech?
BRYCE MOLDER: He was a year older, he got there a year before I did. So we played three years.

Q. You touched on the wind, just how easier does it make holes and how much harder does it make holes?
BRYCE MOLDER: There is a lot of holes with this particular wind where it's straight downwind and so literally you just feel like you get the ball airborne in the right direction and let the wind do all the work. And vice-versa, when it's straight into the wind any ball that's curving off line gets maximized or gets either direction gets maximized and it make it's that much tougher. The greens is what makes the scoring, makes you able to score is that the greens are still soft because usually when it's downwind it's really breezy, it's hard to stop the ball. When you're into the wind it's hard to hit it straight and keep it in play. And with it still soft, you still have a chance.
But it's -- I think one thing that made it a little bit easier was the wind was almost the exact same direction yesterday and that just makes you more comfortable with your lines off the tee and distances.

Q. How much do you owe him?
BRYCE MOLDER: Not a lot. We don't play for a lot. We could play for 50 cents a hole and that's enough. But I owe him a little bit, so.

Q. How good does it feel to be in this position. For you to perform into a weekend and be in contention in a major?
BRYCE MOLDER: It's fun. It's all part of the journey and learning and it's fun. This is what we practice to do, is to see if our game and our practice and the work that we do off the course and on the course can pay off and so it's fun.

Q. Do you play a lot of Pete Dye golf and are you used to his courses?
BRYCE MOLDER: I haven't played a lot, I played some, throughout the years, and the one thing is visually, even though it's intimidating, it gives you good lines, it gives you exact lines to aim at and to see and for somebody that's so visual it frames it pretty well, but this is just a beautiful property and some fun shots that you hit that you're forced to hit and so it's, it really fits my eye and it's been fun.

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