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August 13, 2010

Ernie Els


Q. Talk about the shot --
ERNIE ELS: Obviously pulled it left, and it stayed up. There's kind of a little walkway if you go down there for the players to get down there, and I was just below the walkway and I had a decent lie. So I kind of got fortunate there.

Q. What were you expecting when you headed down there?
ERNIE ELS: Well, I was watching it carefully off the tee. I didn't hit it solid enough, so that was maybe a good thing. I think if I hit it solid enough -- you saw where Mike Weir was earlier; he was about 40 yards down there. So, got fortunate.

Q. What did you hit?
ERNIE ELS: I hit 4-iron. I was trying to hit a little cut 4-iron there. The wind was a little different today, it was more off the southwest a little bit. So it's going to be interesting this afternoon.

Q. Resumption of your round; 5-wood for a second shot on a par 4 and to face 17.
ERNIE ELS: We knew that. Last night, you know, we were actually trying to finish on 14, maybe after the tee shot on 14. I just needed to loosen up a little bit before we got to the 15th tee.
Yeah, it was long: Driver, 5-wood and two good putts, and 16; it was a tough little stretch coming in this morning. Four pars, always wake that.

Q. Feel like you played a full round?
ERNIE ELS: Almost do, yeah.

Q. You were in the mix the last time until the 72nd hole; do you like this course and probably glad to see they made that change on the 18th green?
ERNIE ELS: I really don't -- I don't see anything different.

Q. The collar.
ERNIE ELS: Okay. Well, I really like the course. I think Pete Dye has done an unbelievable job here. It's a very different golf course that we play. It doesn't play like a links as we know, but it's just got a great look to it.
You know, I played well last time. I'm reading the greens quite well, so we'll see how it goes this time.

Q. Player of the Year is on the table for you right now --
ERNIE ELS: Don't think about that (shaking head). There's probably eight guys.

Q. You'll just take a major then.
ERNIE ELS: Yeah. (Smiling).

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