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August 12, 2010

Rich Steinmetz


Q. Rich, how would you compare Whistling Straits to the Pete Dye course at French lick?
RICH STEINMETZ: They are both very similar with Pete Dye, intimidation off the tee, everything is smaller than it looks, the fairways, the greens, once you get up there, it's a little bigger. So they are both the same in that respect.
But just the setting, Lake Michigan, the breezes, the weather, two totally different settings.

Q. Take us through your round a little bit, first round?
RICH STEINMETZ: First hole, pretty nervous. More nervous than I expected, I played in the PGA once before and we got it out in the fairway and on the green and 2-putted for par.
Then the rest of the nine, settled down, played pretty well. Shot 1-under, one bad bogey on the short par 4. Made a bad bogey there but the rest played solid and missed a couple of putts on the other nine coming in. That's what kind of hurt me, so missed a couple short putts. Had a short birdie on 5, the par 5, and a short birdie on 7, the tough par 3. Held it together.

Q. Can you talk about representing your section and The PGA of America in this major championship?
RICH STEINMETZ: It's great. I think we have three guys here. That's pretty impressive, it's a great section and all of the guys back home are very supportive, a lot of well wishes, and as far as representing The PGA, it's great.

Q. Does your previous experience give you an advantage?
RICH STEINMETZ: A little bit. You know what to expect coming here your first time. Last time I was mentally prepared for off course but didn't know what it would be like -- so you have to learn to maneuver your way through all that and how to prepare. I'm used to a nice, quiet range practicing, not a spectacle. So there's a little bit of getting used to, coming back, I knew what to expect.

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