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August 11, 2010

Victor Hanescu


V. HANESCU/P. Polansky
6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your impressions on the whole match and how it went, please.
VICTOR HANESCU: I think it was a very good match. I'm very happy the way I played, and I think Polansky, he -- he played very well today.
Yeah, it was very close. He had some chances. Finally , maybe I was more focused, maybe more concentrate, and finally I won.

Q. You took out two Canadians. You might need a bodyguard to walk around the grounds here. Are you a little worried?
VICTOR HANESCU: I hope not. (Laughter.)
Yeah, I had two wildcard players. So I can say it was a good draw for me, but in the same time they played good tennis.

Q. Is that difficult sometimes, playing players who obviously have the home crowd going for them? Today maybe not as much because it was a day game, but is it tough to play or is it fun maybe to play in that energy?
VICTOR HANESCU: Oh, it's -- of course it's a little bit different, because I don't know very well Polansky, so I don't know his game very well. And I was surprised because he played good tennis. I mean, he's ranked -- I don't know, what's his ranking? 200, maybe? Or 180? But he played solid.

Q. Can you talk about the advantage your height gives you, especially in today's match? There was a couple of chip points you were able to get to.
VICTOR HANESCU: Advantage of?

Q. Your height.
VICTOR HANESCU: Ah, yeah. Sometimes it's an advantage; sometimes is not. I played some nice points today, especially in the tiebreak, the second set. I made some good points, so very happy.

Q. How is it to hear only few Romanian voices encouraging you and then thousands of choices cheering for the other guy?
VICTOR HANESCU: I think it's normal. I'm used with this kind of conditions. Is not the first match against a player like Polansky with the crowd supporting him.
I play for almost 10 years in the circuit, so I played a lot of matches.

Q. At one point during the second set, Polansky was leading 3-1. What happened? What did you do? What did you think to reverse the whole thing?
VICTOR HANESCU: Um, yeah, I was -- I think I tried to stay focused, you know, to play my game. I know that it was a bad moment for me. He played a little bit better. I change the strategy a little bit, and finally the break came so I was in the game again.
No, nothing really special, you know.

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