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August 11, 2010

Peter Polansky


V. HANESCU/P. Polansky
6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Remarks from Peter Polansky.
PETER POLANSKY: Well, I think I played a solid match throughout the whole time, and he's playing solid, not giving away too many mistakes and not throwing away very many points.
I think what made the difference was maybe a few games here and there. I started off the game with a couple loose points, and maybe first point of my service game wasn't full throttle or something like that. And then, on the bigger points, he came up with unbelievable shots which helped him.
I think overall I played pretty solid, as well.

Q. You played an exceptional match on Monday and played very well again today. Can you just briefly speak about how being so close to home elevated your play this week?
PETER POLANSKY: Um, I think, you know, the atmosphere, being on center court, a lot of people obviously pumps you up a bit, but I don't think it raised my level too much. I mean, I was playing well last week and the weeks before, and it just -- I think the practice this week early on helped me a bit and just developed my game a bit more.
I peaked for this tournament, and I was playing really well and the way I wanted to.

Q. What will the rest of the summer be for you, your schedule? What you have planned?
PETER POLANSKY: I have -- next week I have just a week of training before the US Open qualifying. Then after that, I'm not sure if I'll play something -- we have Davis Cup here in September after US Open. If I don't qualify, I'm not sure if I'll play something before then, but probably just the US Open and Davis Cup and, after that I'm not sure yet. Maybe a few tournaments Asia.

Q. You were around that match the entire time you were there. You had some breaks. Do you feel at all as though you let one get away, that this was a real chance to make a breakthrough at this event, it kind of got away?
PETER POLANSKY: Definitely. Even with my big win on Monday, I still felt I had a good chance to win today. I had a few break points I think that I just missed the return. I didn't make him play enough balls. That kind of made a little bit of a difference.
Otherwise, you know, I was there till the end. I had a really tight point at 4-All in the breaker and he came up with that chip forehand or whatever, crosscourt right on the line. After that, the next two points he played solid, and I played solid but just came up with a couple of mistakes.

Q. He moved around real well for a big man. You just mentioned that chip forehand. Were you kind of surprised at some of the defensive shots, just piercing the lines with a lot of them?
PETER POLANSKY: Yeah, I wasn't too surprised, but he was being a lot more steady than I thought. He wasn't making very many mistakes from the back, and it was tough to close the point out.
Especially on the run, those couple that he made, those chip ones, I wasn't expecting them to hit the line, but, you know, I wasn't -- not expecting him to kind of give up or just do something like that.

Q. Do you think his experience came through for him a little bit? He's been around the tour a long time?
PETER POLANSKY: Yeah, for sure. I think I checked his rankings history. He's been, you know, 40, between 40 and 60 for the last few years now, and except for -- I think one injury put him back a little bit, but for the last five, six years he's been top 100, top 80.
That showed today. That's why he's a top player and up there consistently throughout the years.

Q. I'm just wondering what you take away from this tournament after that big win and then today, and does it mean anything to be the last Canadian left standing in the main draw?
PETER POLANSKY: Yeah, for sure. I mean, it's always a little something special to be the only Canadian that made it this far. I was a little disappointed how today went, but I played a good match and I played an unbelievable match on Monday.
I think this tournament could have gone a lot worse if I hadn't played so well on Monday. Even though I'm slightly disappointed today, it was still a very good tournament for me.

Q. You said that you have been playing well the last couple weeks, and you seem to do -- you do very well against higher-ranked players, especially taking the Monday results that you had. Can you explain what has happened to you, why you do well against good players and how it's happened that you've just peaked, as you said?
PETER POLANSKY: I think when you're around them and when you're practicing with them, it kind of raises your level and you feel like -- you know, you feel like if you miss a ball, then it's kind of subpar and not as good. So it really makes you -- I think it's not really the level; it's just the focus that is in higher gear during this week and when you're around players like this. You're just more focused, and you really want to push yourself to do well.

Q. I think it's fair to say the country is still waiting for a breakthrough player in singles. Do you still think you can be that player?
PETER POLANSKY: Yeah, I think I can, but, you know, it's tough and I want to work at it and that's my goal, so hopefully I'm the one.

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