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August 10, 2010

David Nalbandian


7-5, 3-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Normally when a player is off due to injury for the length of time you were earlier this season, they come back and it takes them a while to get their form. How do you explain your impressive display since you've been back in July? What's your secret?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, tough to say. I mean, there is no secret. It's tough, as you say. I play few tournaments in the beginning of the year. Then I get injuries again, sometimes other courts, but then feel a little better. I started practicing more as the recovery from the injuries can help me a little bit, and then as soon as I start -- after Wimbledon feels much better with the body, with the injury, with the hip, and with my tennis, as well.
That's helped me to keep believing in my game. Without matches, it's tough to win that fast, but I get motivated in Davis Cup first, and then last week as well I think pretty much for the motivation.

Q. Are you surprised at how well it's been going for you?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.

Q. Did you think at all about not playing this week because it was so tiring maybe in Washington last week?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: No, no. No, no. I always -- always believe I have to keep playing.

Q. A guy like Ferrer is not so easy in the first match, no?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, of course. If you have to choice of players to play first round, of course, Ferrer is not going to be one of them. For first round here, it's very tough. But I know as well that I'm not seeded so I can play with everybody, so it's part of the game.
I have had to keep going. Doesn't matter who is in front of the net. Today I get a very tough first round, but I had to keep believing in my game and play my best.

Q. How much do you miss having Del Potro on the circuit with you?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, for Davis Cup. Then both, we have a different career, and we try to do our best all the time. We have to share the flag when we defend Davis Cup, so of course one player like him, we miss him, but until he's not in good shape, it's tough to play. So have to be careful with the wrist and try to come back as prepared as possible.

Q. You've played Ferrer 11 times. This was the 11th time. He seems to have your number on clay and you seem to have his on hardcourts. What is it about the hardcourt that, you know, you stand a better chance at beating him?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, I think my shots are a little bit more offensive here. He's very tough player from the baseline, very solid. He don't do a lot of mistakes, so when I play offensive on hardcourts, I always try to get more the point a little faster, and hardcourts help me.

Q. Obviously Davis Cup is very important to you, but what are some of your personal goals or some goals you set while you were injured coming back for the season?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, Grand Slam -- I still having the same goals. I'm feeling that I'm playing good, and still a Grand Slam, like, I couldn't make it. That's one of my goals, and these kind of tournaments of course is another one.

Q. Early in the first set I think you reached behind your back and made a shot. Didn't go over the net, but how nice is it to just kind of go out there and not really worry about the injuries? And during that whole time, you just kept getting injury after injury. Were you just wondering are you ever going to get healthy again or feel good on the court again?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, I'm feeling good. I'm feeling healthy again. But it's tough to know how long, because all the tour, it's suffering a lot of injuries.
That shot, I couldn't -- I don't have another choice, because I pass, I was running, I pass the ball, so I don't have another chance to do it, but it doesn't work too good.
And then, of course, the injuries in the tour, it's very critical moment. I mean, everybody is suffering something all the time.
I have to -- everybody have to keep working, and that's the rule of the tour. We have to do our best, but it's not easy. It's not easy to be healthy all the time.

Q. With that in mind, the injury factor, how are you managing your schedule leading up to the Davis Cup? How are you thinking with, you know, sort of making sure you stay fit?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: For playing now, this Davis Cup, the semifinal?

Q. Yes.
DAVID NALBANDIAN: I don't have a lot of matches during this year, so I have to keep believing that I need matches to feeling good. Even if I win last week, I know that there is good tournaments coming: this one, Cincinnati, US Open. So as better as we get the results, with more confidence we are going to arrive to Davis Cup.

Q. You pulled out of Wimbledon for the Davis Cup quarterfinals. How are you sort of thinking of the US Open, you know, ahead of the semifinals? Is it going to be kind of a warmup?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, it's going to be a warmup, of course. But it's completely different, because right now I'm playing, and before Wimbledon I was injured. So it was very risk to play five sets on grass and then play Davis Cup next week.
But here I'm going to take a week off before US Open, so I'm going to get rest, I'm going to be ready for US Open, and then for Davis Cup.

Q. The Argentine team has been hit with so many injuries. How tough is it for you sort of having to kind of be the linchpin of the team? Do you like that, or do you wish that there was a bit more support behind you this year?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: We have the players as prepared as possible in that series. Del Potro was injured, Monaco was injured both times. I play a little injured in the first one, so it's not easy. Is not easy to -- everybody gets ready the same week.
We try, but we didn't make it yet, but we are working on it.

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